Ozium Air Freshener Review – Does It Work?

Ozium gas aerosol cans are an extremely popular deodorizing spray that are effective at removing most types of odor from the air. The spray is not intended for removing odors from surfaces, including fabrics or counter tops. Ozium is one of the most popular deodorizers, and for good reasons which I’ll explain below. If you … Read more

What’s The Best Air Freshener For Microwave Ovens?

A Microwave Steam-Cleaner Shaped Like A Person This might just be the most ridiculous thing I’ve seen in a long time, and I love it: An “air freshener” that helps you clean out and deodorize your microwave. And as you can see, it’s clearly shaped like an angry Donald Trump. The products above are a … Read more

Top 10 Car Air Freshener Tips

There are several great ways to keep your car smelling fresh and clean. While everyone knows you should clean your car regularly, I decided to go above and beyond the ordinary cleanup advice and put together an ultimate top 10 list of the car air freshener tips ever. Follow the advice below to keep your … Read more

5 Ways To Make Your Own Air Freshener

There are several great ways to make your own air freshener to add a new aroma to your house or even your car. I’ve assembled my favorite do-it-yourself air freshener ideas in the list below. Some of these ideas will make great crafts for kids to enjoy, whereas others are more simple and can be … Read more

What’s The Best Air Freshener For Lyft Drivers?

There are several great options for keeping your car smelling great, despite having to ferry stinky passengers around in it all day long. In this article, I’ll provide you with several methods for removing bad odors from your vehicle, introducing great new ones, and preventing your passengers from leaving bad ratings because they didn’t like … Read more

What’s The Best Air Freshener For A Living Room?

The best air freshener for your living room is a scented oil diffuser that will produce any fragrance of your choice. However, depending on your needs, you may want to go with other options that fit the specific goals you want to achieve for your indoor air, or for decorating your home differently. If you … Read more

3 Ways To Turn A Light Bulb Into An Air Freshener

There are 3 unique ways to turn your household light bulbs into an air freshener. First, you can simply spray a scented essential oil mixture onto a light bulb. When it turns on and gets hot, it will cause the oil to evaporate into the room, filling it with fragrance. This effective turns any light … Read more

Looking For An Air Freshener Lamp?

There are several great options for brightening up your home with a light-up air freshener lamp. On this page, I’ve assembled a collection of all the loveliest light-up designs that I could find for an air freshener in your home. You won’t find a traditional lampshade with a light bulb under it anywhere on this … Read more

What’s The Best Air Freshener For A Kitchen?

The best air freshener for a kitchen is one that focuses on getting rid of odor particles instead of covering them up with a new scent that will simply mix with it and produce an unwanted result. There are several good air freshener options for using in your kitchen. Although many people use air fresheners … Read more

Can You Use Air Fresheners On A Dog?

You should never spray a regular household air freshener onto your dog. Many air fresheners contain chemicals that you dog could be poisoned by, or could be allergic to, or simply may not enjoy. Even natural air fresheners, such as essential oils, can occasionally cause an allergic reaction in dogs and other pets. However, all … Read more

Is Your Air Freshener Killing Your Pets?

What are the odds that your pet falls over dead the instant you spray some Glade scented aerosol in the room? Pretty low. But what are the odds that your pet has a negative health problem or a behavioral reaction to a scented air freshener placed in your home? A bit higher. So let’s talk … Read more

Which Air Freshener Kills Mold?

Many people use air fresheners to cover up the smell of mold. But unfortunately, most air fresheners will not kill mold while also adding a pleasant scent to your room. This is because most chemicals that kill mold effectively are also toxic to humans, so having such a chemical spread around the air so that … Read more

Which Plugin Air Freshener Is Best?

Plugin air fresheners work by heating up scented oil or gel so that the aroma spreads out around the room. Because most plugin air fresheners work very similarly, the best plugin air freshener is the one that comes equipped with your favorite scent. I personally prefer the Febreze brand, but you can get whatever brand … Read more

Which Air Freshener Is Best For Cars?

The best air freshener for your car depends on the answer to two questions: What do you want your car to smell like, and what kind of air freshener device do you want to use? There are all sorts of different ways to make your car smell like a bunch of different scents – or … Read more

7 Illuminated Air Fresheners That Look Awesome

An air freshener doesn’t just have to add a new fragrance to your home. If you get an illuminated one, it can also add a light show as well! I found a ton of great illuminated air fresheners. Some of them are more basic, but others will blow your mind. Let’s take a look at … Read more

Does Your Air Freshener Hurt Your Throat? Try These Options Instead

Is your air freshener causing a soar throat, nasal congestion, sneezing, wheezing, or some other type of allergic reaction? The best air fresheners that will avoid these problems are ones that use natural scents that are less likely to induce allergies, or ones that simply absorb odors without producing any new scent at all. If … Read more

What’s The Best Air Freshener Room Humidifier?

There are three options for adding both fragrance and humidity to a room in your house at the same time. The best air freshener humidifier for your needs is going to depend on whether you prefer low humidity via cold mist, high humidity via cold mist, or humidity via warm steam. First, you can use … Read more

Cool Handmade Air Fresheners You Can Buy Or Make Yourself

There’s a wonderful marketplace called Etsy.com that is perfect for buying handmade crafts that other people have created, including handmade air fresheners. These air fresheners are made by melting down plastic aroma beads that have absorbed scented oil. The melted plastic is held in a metal cookie cutter while it melts in the oven. Then, … Read more

Need An Air Freshener For Your Stinky Gym Locker Or Bag?

The smell of body odor is tolerable if it’s your own. But having to smell other people’s BO coming out of a shared gym locker is completely disgusting. And other people don’t want to smell your body odor, either. On this page I’ll give you the best ways to remove disgusting body odor – yours … Read more

What Air Fresheners Are Good For Using Around Babies?

While most air fresheners are safe for regular human use, they do occasionally cause allergic reactions – especially for people with a risk of asthma. Babies are even more at risk due to their inability to get themselves away from the air freshener, or to communicate that there’s a problem. There are three important guidelines … Read more

What Air Fresheners Are Good For Using Around Cats?

There are few important guidelines for finding an air freshener that is good for your cat. First, you should avoid adding fragrances to your house if possible, and instead use products that focus on removing bad odors and leaving no scent in their place. This is because fragrances, and the chemicals that cause them, can … Read more

What Air Fresheners Make The Best Gifts?

I’m going to show you all the best air freshener gift ideas that are both thoughtful and affordable. The best part about giving an air freshener as a gift is that the scent can last for months – and every time the recipient uses it, they’ll be reminded of you. They’ll also associate the pleasant … Read more

What Air Fresheners Can Get Rid Of Smoke Smell?

Most experts say that you need to “deep clean” every surface in your house or car to remove smoke odor, but this is not always correct. Today, there are a few different air freshener options that are highly effective at removing smoke odors from a house or car without the need for washing and scrubbing … Read more

What’s The Best Air Freshener For Funeral Homes?

The best air freshener solution for a funeral home is a combination of one or more odor removal tools to remove unpleasant smells, along with a scented oil diffuser to introduce new fragrances. This combination will allow your guests to be greeted appropriately by a lovely scent of your choice, instead of by the old … Read more

What’s The Best Air Freshener For Furniture?

The best air freshener for you to use on your furniture depends on whether you’re trying to just remove odors and get back to a neutral smell, or if you want to add a strong new fragrance to impress your guests. For removing odors, the easiest solution is to spray a fabric cleaner on the … Read more

What’s The Best Air Freshener For Dogs?

There are several great air freshener options for dealing with dog odors. In general, you should focus on removing bad smells instead of covering them up with new fragrances. This is because dogs and other pets can have allergic reactions to new scents in their home, even if the new scents originate from all-natural ingredients. … Read more

What’s The Best Air Freshener For A Basement?

There are several great air freshener options for making a basement smell better. These include dehumidifiers for removing mold-causing humidity, cleaning solutions that will kill mold already present in your basement, deodorizers that will remove “musty” lingering smells, and air fresheners that will add pleasant new scents to your basement after the bad odors have … Read more

What’s The Best Air Freshener For Vents?

There are many nifty little air fresheners that can clip onto your air vents and deliver long-lasting fresh scent of your choice. These air fresheners are mostly intended for clipping onto the vents in your car. However, you can also attach them to regular air vents in your home if you want to use them … Read more

What’s The Best Air Freshener For A Bathroom?

There are two great air freshener options for a bathroom, depending on your needs. The first is a portable spray bottle that you can spray into the toilet before doing your business, which blocks bad odors from escaping the toilet to begin with. The second option is a standalone air freshener which sits in your … Read more

Febreze “Small Spaces” Air Freshener Guide

What Is The Febreze Small Spaces Air Freshener? Febreze’s fun little product called the “Small Spaces” air freshener is a set-it-and-forget-it air freshener device. It comes with a small plastic holster that holds a container of scented air freshener gel. When you press the gel container into the holster, the container opens up and releases … Read more

Get Air Freshener Chemicals In Your Eye? DO THIS NOW!

If Your Eyes Have Been Exposed To Air Freshener Chemicals, Use This Free Online Tool Immediately Click here to use the free instant medical advice tool. It only takes 1-2 minutes to use. This tool was made by US Poison Control and provides professional medical advice free of charge to anyone. Just enter your details … Read more

Does Glade Air Freshener Expire?

Glade air fresheners will typically expire around 2 to 5 years after purchase. Although some products list a definitive expiration date, what you really need to know is that products like these tend to go bad slowly over time. A Glade aerosol spray can will typically be good to use for at least 2 years … Read more

How To Avoid An Air Freshener Explosion

Have you heard the news? Air freshener devices are exploding everywhere! You’d better never buy an air freshener again. Just kidding. But there have been a few crazy stories about air fresheners exploding, which I’d like to talk to you about here. You may have heard some of these crazy stories which were widely publicized: … Read more

The Best Air Fresheners To Put In Your Fridge

There are two types of air freshener to use in a fridge: odor removers, and fragrance creators. The best odor remover for most cases is baking soda, but activated carbon or rolled up newspaper work great too. The best fragrance creator is citrus-scented essential oils. I’ll explain how to use all of these options below. … Read more

What Air Fresheners Are Eco-Friendly?

There are two great options for eco-friendly air fresheners. The first option is to use all natural essential oils to add a fragrance of your choice to any room in the house. The second option is to use an all natural odor remover that absorbs odor-causing particles in the air. This won’t add a new … Read more

What’s The Best Air Freshener Diffuser?

Are you looking to impress your guests with the wonderful scent of vanilla as they enter your living room? Or do you prefer peppermint for a Christmas-themed scent? What about classic lavender? All of these scents and more are available when you get an affordable, easy to use air freshener scent diffuser to decorate your … Read more

Air Freshener Dangers: A Completely Dishonest Media Myth

Did you know that air fresheners are the second deadliest creation since rat poison? That’s the type of lie that you would be led to believe if you listened to nobody but popular media outlets when shopping for an air freshener. The line of thinking goes like this: Air fresheners contain chemicals. Some of these … Read more

Air Freshener Craft Projects

Looking for arts & crafts ideas for your kids to have fun with? We have a list of 9 air freshener craft projects for you to choose from. Most of them are super easy and can be done in minutes, whereas a few of them will take more work. Let’s take a look. 1. Air … Read more

The Best Air Freshener Cans For Your Car

When it comes to fresh scents in a can, you have four different options for making your car smell great: Your first option is can full of scented material that gives off a chosen fragrance for an extended period of time. Your second option is a scented spray can or bottle that you can use … Read more

What’s The Best Air Freshener For A Classroom?

The best choice for combating the odor of smelly kids or a dirty classroom is to focus on removing the bad odors, not adding a new scent. The biggest reason to avoid adding a new scent to a classroom is that all of your students have to deal with it regardless of how it affects … Read more

Get Your Air Freshener Christmas Trees Here!

Are you looking for an adorable little Christmas tree-shaped air freshener? Then look no further, because we have the only ones available listed below. Tree-Shaped Air Fresheners The best tree-shaped air freshener is the Little Trees brand of air freshener. If you want a “Christmas-time” smell, then I recommend getting their Royal Pine scent. You … Read more

Thinking Of Getting A Central Air Freshener System? Think Again.

The idea of a central air freshener system that connects to your main air conditioning vents and freshens your whole house sounds great on paper. There’s just one problem: In practice, most central air fresheners don’t work very well. Let me explain: Why Central Air Fresheners Don’t Work So Great In order to produce a … Read more

Top 10 Cedar-Scented Air Fresheners For Your Home

Cedar air fresheners are hugely popular for closets, dresser drawers, and vehicles. I found 10 different types of cedar-themed air freshener that you can use to freshen up your house or car. Let’s take a look at all our lovely cedar-smelling options. Option #1: Cedar Spray Bottles The easiest way to add cedar scents to … Read more

Can An Air Freshener Attach To A Ceiling Fan?

Is it possible to use your ceiling fan to circulate a new scent in your room? The answer is technically yes, but you probably don’t want to actually do it. I’ll explain why below. There is only one air freshener product on the market that specifically advertises that you can attach it to a ceiling … Read more

What’s The Best Litter Box Air Freshener?

The best litter box air freshener is one that eliminates odors instead of covering them up with a new scent. Mixing a new scent with the smell of cat poop does not produce a good smell, and your cat probably won’t like the new smell either. There are several different solutions for getting rid of … Read more

My Toilet Is Clogged With An Air Freshener?!

Did your toilet bowl air freshener fall or break off of the toilet bowl rim, get flushed down, and now is clogging the toilet? This is a common problem and it’s the reason why I recommend that you never use the type of air freshener that hangs on the inside of the toilet bowl. There … Read more

What Air Fresheners Are Safe To Use Around Babies?

Summary: Some air fresheners are dangerous to use around babies, and some are safe. The safe choices are ones that avoid choking hazards and strong chemicals that could harm your child or cause allergic reactions. In this article, I discuss the best air fresheners for using around babies. Are you worried about using air fresheners … Read more

Do You Need An Air Freshener Brick?

Did you know that you can buy air freshening “bricks” to keep your car, room, closet, or anywhere else smelling fresh? How Does It Work? How does such a brick work? Well, to be honest, it’s not actually a brick. An air freshening “brick” is actually a block of gel, usually held inside a container … Read more

How To Make An Air Freshener With Boiling Water

Did you know that you can create an instant air freshener out of natural ingredients that are already in your kitchen? The best time to use the boiling water air freshener method, also called a stove top potpourri, is when having guests over that are going to be in and around your kitchen and dining … Read more

Does Your Car Need An Air Freshener Bomb?

No, I’m not talking about blowing up your car with an explosive bomb. I’m talking about an air freshener bomb. And air freshener bomb is a container that holds a highly concentrated dose of odor-destroying synthetic or natural chemicals. When you open the “bomb” in your car, and leave it inside the car with the … Read more

BMW Air Fresheners – Get Your Refills Here

Does your BMW have a built-in air freshener that is refillable in the glove box? Or do you use the BMW Natural Air attachable device that clips to the air conditioning vent in your car? Either way, I’ve got you covered. BMW Natural Air “Attachable” Air Freshener Refills The Natural Air product is a small … Read more

What’s The Best Air Freshener For Your Apartment?

Did you just move into a new apartment, only to discover that it smells bad? Or maybe you’ve been living in one for awhile and your mom just commented that you need to clean up around here. Either way, I have some great solutions for freshening up your living space. The first thing you need … Read more

What’s The Best Air Freshener And Purifier Combo?

Summary: The best air freshener/purifier depends on your specific needs. See below. Air Freshener Spray Bottles – For removing odors and adding new scents. Ozone Spray Bottle – For destroying serious odors without adding a new scent. Odor-Destroying Gel Canisters and Odor-Absorbing Bags of Activated Charcoal – Display in your home to create an odor-removing … Read more

What’s The Best Air Freshener And Odor Eliminator Combo?

There are countless cleaning supplies out there available for you to choose from, including all sorts of scented products that come in a variety of fragrances. However, if you’re dealing with really bad odors, you don’t just want to cover them up with a new scent. That can lead to a nasty situation in which … Read more

What’s The Best Air Freshener Spray Bottle?

There are so many air fresheners out there to choose from. From devices that plug into your wall, to scented objects that hang like an ornament. They all have different pluses and minuses about them. But of all the air fresheners you can get, an air freshener spray bottle is the most versatile. You get … Read more

The Best Aerosol Air Fresheners For Your Car

Do you want a scented spray that adds flavor to your car, or just a lightly scented spray that mostly neutralizes bad odor-causing molecules? We have recommendations for both types. Strong & Exotic Air Freshener Scents, For Adding A New Smell To Your Car Apple Cinnamon – Sounds like a great ride to me. Sign … Read more

Air Fresheners: Advantages & Disadvantages

Lots of people use air fresheners. In their homes, in their cars, and especially in their bathrooms. But do you know all of the advantages – and disadvantages – of using them? Most people don’t know anything beyond “it makes my room smell better.” Well, in this article I’m going to give you all the … Read more