Ozium Air Freshener Review – Does It Work?

Ozium gas aerosol cans are an extremely popular deodorizing spray that are effective at removing most types of odor from the air. The spray is not intended for removing odors from surfaces, including fabrics or counter tops.

Ozium is one of the most popular deodorizers, and for good reasons which I’ll explain below. If you want to try Ozium deodorizer aerosol spray, you can find it here:

  • Ozium Original Spray Can – The original, non-scented version that smells like “fresh rain” but fades quickly, leaving no scent behind – Click here to view.
  • Ozium Multi-scent Value Pack – Although intended to destroy smells, Ozium also comes in various scented fragrances as well – Destroys odors then replaces them with a new smell – Click here to view the multi-scent value pack.

What Is Ozium And How Does It Work?

Ozium spray comes in a can that contains natural ozone gas. Ozone gas is made out of oxygen atoms, except instead of being bonded into an O2 molecule (the type of air we breathe), they are bonded into an O3 molecule (an unstable form).

When the O3 molecules in the spray can are released into the air, the unstable molecular bonds between the atoms break apart, leaving an O2 molecule (breathable air) and an O atom (a “free radical”) all alone. The lonely O atom floats around, desperately trying to bond to other atoms due to its atomic properties.

Because the single O atom can bond to many other atoms and molecules, it can destroy the odor-causing ability of many odor molecules by bonding to them, or by breaking apart their molecular structure by “stealing” an atom from them to bond with.

When this happens, it causes the odor-causing molecule to change form. And when odor-causing molecules change form, they no longer interact with your sense of smell in the same way. In practice, this removes their odor, although theoretically it could cause them to smell like something else instead.

What People Like About Ozium

Ozium, or any ozone spray, is highly effective at instantly destroying odor-causing particles in the air. Their smell is quickly replaced by the natural smell of ozone gas, which many users say smells like “fresh rain” (this is literally true, as rain storms can cause natural ozone gas to form in the local atmosphere).

Because ozone gas is unstable, it quickly fades from the place sprayed as the molecules break apart and form new bonds with other molecules. In practice, this means that after spraying ozium gas in a room, the smell of it will typically fade in around 20 minutes. Blowing fresh air into the room will air it out even faster.

Below is a summary of why people prefer Ozium spray above other air freshener options.

  • Uses all-natural ozone gas, not synthetic chemicals.
  • Destroys odors instantly.
  • Smells like “fresh rain” but this new smell fades quickly, leaving clean-smelling air behind.
  • It is also effective at killing airborne germs. It was originally invented for sanitization use in hospitals.
  • Effective at removing smoke smells, even the smell of marijuana, from a room or car.
  • Its instant odor destruction and fast-disappearing smell means that you can re-scent your room quickly after by using a different air freshener, creating a new scent that won’t mix together with the old odor.
  • Very popular.

Concerns To Be Aware Of

Ozium spray is typically not intended for cleaning surfaces or fabrics. It is made for getting odors and germs out of the air, not off of a surface.

Ozium, or any other source of ozone gas, should not be inhaled directly. This is because the free-floating O3 molecules can cause cellular damage when interacting with bodily tissue such as the inside of your lungs.

However, Ozium typically dissipates quickly, meaning it won’t be long before you can safely breathe the air in that location again.

When spraying Ozium in an enclosed space such as a closet, small room, or car, allow the spray to sit for at least 20 minutes before breathing the air in the space. If desired, you can open the windows or turn on a fan to clear it out faster.

Ozium or any other source of ozone gas should also not be used directly near children or animals, for the same reason as above.

Summary of concerns:

  • Ozium is not intended for deodorizing or cleaning surfaces, only air space.
  • Do not inhale Ozium or ozone gas directly.
  • Allow it to air out for at least 20 minutes before entering an enclosed space where Ozium has been sprayed, such as a closet or car.
  • Do not use it directly near animals or children.

You May Also Want This

If you need to deodorize an entire room or vehicle regularly, you should consider investing in a portable ozone generator.

An ozone generator uses electricity to “zap” regular oxygen molecules, turning them into ozone gas. The gas will float around the room, destroying odor particles that it comes into contact with.

Because of the low cost of ozone generators, they make a great investment for anyone that regularly deodorizes their home or vehicle. An ozone generator is often the #1 best recommendation for removing smoke odors from a home or car.

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