What Air Fresheners Can Get Rid Of Smoke Smell?

Most experts say that you need to “deep clean” every surface in your house or car to remove smoke odor, but this is not always correct. Today, there are a few different air freshener options that are highly effective at removing smoke odors from a house or car without the need for washing and scrubbing anything.

Below, I’ll tell you about the magical solution of odor-destroying gases that can spread out and clean porous surfaces like carpets, fabrics, walls, air vents, and almost any other surface imaginable.

Using these deodorizing gases means that you don’t have to do all the cleaning and scrubbing yourself. What a relief!

The Easy Way: How To Get Rid Of Smoke Odors Without Scrubbing Anything

Option #1: Ozone Spray For Instant, Short-Term Odor Removal (Use 20 Minutes Before Guests Arrive)

The first option for small smoke odor removal jobs is called an ozone spray bottle. Ozone is a natural gas that reacts with odor particles to render them inert, removing their bad smell.

An ozone spray bottle is a great thing to keep around the house or car if you want to immediately clear out the smell of smoke before having guests over, or before giving someone a ride in your car. Just spray as much of the ozone bottle as you need, wherever you need it, and it will eliminate smoke odors that are lingering in the air.

This will not “deep clean” the smoke out of your surfaces, but it’s a great immediate solution for when you don’t want guests to have their senses assaulted by the smell of smoke in your house or car.

Option #2: Air Freshener “Bombs” For Instant Deep Cleaning

Just like ozone gas can remove smoke smell, there are also other gases that can do it as well. Some air freshener companies sell sealed containers that, when opened, spew an absolutely massive amount of this odor-neutralizing gas into whatever enclosed space you want to clean.

Air freshener bombs are usually made for cars, but they can also be used in your home. However, the larger the room you are trying to clean, the less effective they will be, since the gas has to cover more surface area.

An air freshener bomb is a one-time-use device. This is the easiest option for “deep cleaning” the smoke smell out of your car, or a small room in your house. The odor-neutralizing gas will seep into every crack and crevice, destroying odors just about everywhere.

Option #3: An Ozone Generator For Heavy Duty, Whole-House Odor Removal

In Option #1 above, I told you about ozone gas that comes in spray cans. But did you know that you can also create an unlimited amount of ozone gas by using an electric ozone generator?

Ozone generators work by using electricity to “zap” oxygen molecules in the air in a special way. When zapped, the oxygen atoms become destabilized, and some of them form into ozone gas. As the generator runs, this gas will continuously fill up the room, seeping into every crack and crevice.

An ozone generator is considered the #1 best, most effective way at eliminating smoke odors from an entire house.

This is because you can run the ozone generator as long as you want, to produce as much odor-killing ozone gas as you want. Ozone gas will fill up every inch of your house, neutralizing odors that linger in your carpet, your curtains, and even on your walls and ceiling. It can even flow into your air conditioning vents, removing odors that linger in places that you can’t normally reach yourself.

You may want to use it in one room at a time while the door is shut, to give a real deep cleaning to each room separately.

The one caveat to using ozone generators is that you should not be in the house or vehicle while it is running. Nor should your pets. Ozone can be harmful to breathe in large quantities, so you should only use the generator while no humans or pets are in the house.

The best course of action is to run the ozone generator for an afternoon while the house is empty. After a few hours of running the generator, turn it off, then leave the windows open to air the lingering ozone out of the house. Within a few hours, the air in the house will be perfectly safe to breathe, as ozone does not last for long before chemically deteriorating into regular oxygen molecules.

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