What’s The Best Air Freshener For Microwave Ovens?

Air Fresheners For Microwave Ovens
A very creative air freshener that helps clean and deodorize your microwave oven.
Click here for the Donald Trump version or here for the Angry Mama version.

A Microwave Steam-Cleaner Shaped Like A Person

This might just be the most ridiculous thing I’ve seen in a long time, and I love it: An “air freshener” that helps you clean out and deodorize your microwave. And as you can see, it’s clearly shaped like an angry Donald Trump.

The products above are a steam-powered, microwave-safe air freshener that works by holding a water/vinegar mixture as you microwave it.

You just stick them in the microwave with a certain amount of fluid in them, microwave them for the time specified on the directions, and voila. Your microwave’s interior is now “steam cleaned” and easy to wipe food and other hardened gross stuff off of.

The only problem with these items, other than the fact that you are sort of microwaving a human being alive, is that they are totally unnecessary. Instead of microwaving water and vinegar in these objects, you could just microwave it in a normal glass bowl instead and get the same effect.

Below, I’ll give you a few more tips for cleaning your microwave properly.

Other Ways To Remove Food And Odors From Your Microwave

Below, I’ve gathered a list of various ways that you can super-clean your microwave and get horrible odors such as the smell of burnt food out of it.

They are roughly divided into two categories, with the first being tips on how to clean your microwave better, and the second being ways to effectively suck odor particles out of the air in your microwave.

  1. Microwave a bowl (or a Presidential candidate) full of water and white vinegar. After allowing the vinegar to thoroughly apply steam to all the surfaces in your microwave, wipe them down with a wet sponge to get the vinegar and the food off. The steam will help loosen up dried food particles, while the vinegar will help kill odors.
  2. Microwave lemon juice, or a bowl of water with squeezed lemons in it, until it steams. The strongly-scented lemon juice will help add a new scent to your microwave, and the steam will help you clean the interior.
  3. Microwave vanilla extract in water. Same as above, but with vanilla scent instead of lemon.
  4. Microwave water with any other spice until it steams. I hope you get the picture by now. A large amount of steam will help you clean dried food off the interior, while any scented material that’s mixed with that steam will add a new scent to cover up the old one.
  5. Absorb lingering odors with baking soda or coffee grounds. Baking soda and coffee grounds are both known for being absorbent, all-natural materials. Let them sit overnight in your microwave on a plate, then take it out in the morning. Their porous surfaces will absorb many of the odor particles that are wafting around in your microwave.
  6. Scrub the interior with rubbing alcohol. Rubbing alcohol is a natural way to clean odors off of surfaces, and it will quickly evaporate if you leave the microwave door open.
  7. Leave a wet paper towel sitting in the microwave. This is the poor man’s version of the baking soda and coffee grounds trick. A paper towel is very porous and when combined with water, will also help absorb any odor particles that are floating around in your microwave. They will touch the paper towel and get “stuck” to it, effectively sucking them out of the air.