What’s The Best Air Freshener For A Kitchen?

The best air freshener for a kitchen is one that focuses on getting rid of odor particles instead of covering them up with a new scent that will simply mix with it and produce an unwanted result.

There are several good air freshener options for using in your kitchen. Although many people use air fresheners that add new fragrances to the air, the most common reason for using an air freshener in a kitchen is to remove the strong odor of food that you have just cooked.

For that reason, I recommend using deodorizers, not just new fragrance producers.

Let’s take a look at the best deodorizing air fresheners that you can use in your kitchen. Some of them may surprise you.

Option #1: Scented Candles That Also “Burn Up” Odor Particles

Most people have heard about the old trick of lighting a match and letting it burn in order to get rid of bad smells in a bathroom or elsewhere.

But nowadays, you can do a lot more than that.

Today, you can get specially designed candles that contain ingredients that will not just produce a new scent, but also destroy odor-causing particles throughout the local atmosphere.

This means you just need to light a candle while you’re cooking, or perhaps while you’re eating after all the smelly cooking has been done, and the candle flame will do all the deodorizing work for you.

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular odor-destroying cooking candles:

  • Fresh Wave – A well known brand for their creation of odor-destroying cleaning products, Fresh Wave also offers this candle that will eliminate all sorts of odors nearby – Click here to view.
  • Lulu Candles – Has a hugely popular selection of scented candles that don’t just add new scents but also eliminate old ones – Available in 24 different scentsClick here to view them all.
  • Specialty Pet Products – These candles are made to cover up pet odors, but the reality is that odor-causing particles produced by pets are mostly the same as odor-causing particles produced by anything else – Available in 30 different scentsClick here to view them all.
  • Just Make Scents – How can a burning object such as a candle possibly get rid of smoke odors? Well, it turns out that the people who created this candle figured out how to do so – These candles are especially intended for getting rid of smoke odors in a room, which makes them perfect to use if you get that “burnt food” smell in your oven when cooking like I often do – Click here to view.

Option #2: Scented Wax Warmers For Covering Up Bad Odors With New Fragrances

A scented wax warmer is basically a scented candle but without the open flame, which makes it a safer option for using around kids, pets, or just all around.

This is a good option for covering up mild to medium strength odors in your kitchen or dining room in a very unique and decorative way, but it probably won’t “burn up” very intense odors the same way that the real candles listed above will.

Most wax warmers work by holding a small bowl above a hot light bulb. You put a piece of scented wax into the bowl, and the heat from the light bulb melts the wax and releases the fragrance in it.

There are several scented waxes to choose from. Or, you can even re-use scented wax from old scented candles once their wicks are totally burned up, which makes this item a good way to recycle your old candles.

There are a few great wax warmer product lines that I have listed below. I’ll also show you where to find the very popular Febreze scented candle wax that can be used in any warmer.

  • Regular Candle Wax Warmers – A lineup of candle wax warmers available in 15 designsClick here to view them all.
  • Light-up Candle Wax Warmers– These decorative candle warmers will light up when turned on, making them feel like a real candle – Available in 44 designs with lovely unique decorations – Click here to view them all.
  • Plugin Candle Wax Warmers – These wax warmers will plug into your wall outlet, using melted wax to scent your room instead of the scented chemical cartridges that come with regular plugin air fresheners – Available in 33 designsClick here to view them all.
  • Febreze Scented Candle Wax 4-scent Value Pack – For use with any wax warmer – Comes with 4 different scents in one package – Click here to view.

Option #3: Spray Bottles For Instant Odor Elimination

Using air freshener sprays can get expensive if you use them every day. For daily air freshening and odor removal, I recommend using the other options listed on this page.

But what if you need to clear odors out of your kitchen immediately because company is coming over? In that case, using an aerosol spray is often the best choice.

A spray can or bottle gives you the power to produce as much new scent – or as much deodorizing mist – as you need. If your kitchen just needs a little spritz, you can do that with one or two sprays.

Or if your whole house is filled to the brim with terrible odors from your burnt cooking, you can get rid of those by unleashing half a can full of a deodorizing spray.

Below, I’ve listed my favorite spray bottle options for instant aroma. One of them is an essential oil spray bottle package that uses natural oils to add strong new fragrances anywhere you spray them – such as in your kitchen or dining room.

And the next is a deodorizing spray that specializes in destroying odor particles. This spray is ideal for eliminating odor without adding strong new scents to your kitchen. If you’re worried about new scents just “mingling” with the old bad odors and creating a weird after-result, then this spray is what you should use to avoid that.

  • Natural Flower Power Spray – For covering up mild to medium strength kitchen odors with a strong new fragrance in their place – Uses all-natural scented oils to produce a strong new fragrance – Comes in a variety pack with 3 different scents – Click here to view them.
  • Ozium Odor-removing Spray – Uses natural ozone gas to destroy odor particles without adding new scents in their place – Absolutely great in an emergency when you want your kitchen or house to deodorize as fast as possible – Do not breathe the gas immediately after spraying – Click here to view.

Option #4: An Air Purifier For Long-Term Odor Removal

Air purifiers are one of the best solutions for long-term odor removal in your house.

Although they cost more than regular air fresheners at first, their dust and odor-removal power will last a long longer than the effects of most other air fresheners. This makes them an economical choice for people who need to get rid of bad kitchen odors on a daily basis instead of just once in awhile.

When setting up an air purifier, it’s not enough to just use a regular filter. Although regular default HEPA filters will catch some odor-causing particles, you need to equip your purifier with an activated carbon filter to catch them all.

Activated carbon is a material found in many deodorizing products. The structure of the carbon molecules lets them “grab” odor particles that come into contact with them, removing them from the air.

When combined with a fan, this “odor-grabbing” effect removes odors from a large volume of air. This is how air purifiers work to remove bad smells in your kitchen or any other room.

  • Compact Air Purifier For Small Rooms – This air purifier is very compact and thus perfect for fitting into a small kitchen or dining room area – Comes with three filters including an activated carbon filter that will capture strong cooking odors – Click here to view.
  • Standing Air Purifier For Larger Rooms – A larger purifier that will remove odors from a larger room via more airflow – Activated carbon filter sold separately – Click here to view.

Option #5: A Lamp That Burns Odor-destroying Scented Alcohol

This is an exotic product that I just learned about recently. You can see a quick tutorial video on Youtube of how it works by clicking here.

A lampe berger is a container of scented, alcohol-based liquid that burns via a wick that you light at the top.

The wick slowly burns the alcoholic fluid, which “burns up” odor particles in the nearby air while also releasing the chosen fragrance that is mixed with the alcohol.

In principle, this product works exactly like the scented candles that I mentioned earlier. But it was so unique and fascinating that I just had to mention it.

These scented-alcohol-burning lamps make a very interesting gift that I’m certain your gift recipient will never have heard of before, thus making it unique and special. Check out this product below:

  • Lampe Berger Gift Set – A lamp that burns scented alcoholic fluid to ward off bad odors – Click here to view.