Looking For An Air Freshener Lamp?

There are several great options for brightening up your home with a light-up air freshener lamp. On this page, I’ve assembled a collection of all the loveliest light-up designs that I could find for an air freshener in your home.

You won’t find a traditional lampshade with a light bulb under it anywhere on this list. Instead, what you’ll find are the only two types of light-up air freshener that are really popular.

The first type of light-up air freshener is called an essential oil diffuser. These air fresheners work by either warming up or evaporating essential oils that carry various fragrances. You just add any fragrance of oil that you want to it, adjust the settings, and let it make your living room smell adorable.

The second type of light-up air freshener is a scented wax warmer. It’s a bit farther away from being a real lamp, but I wanted to include it anyways because it has some absolutely lovely designs.

A wax warmer is a device that typically uses a hot light bulb to warm up a small bowl where you can put scented waxes that are made especially for this purpose. These warm-up bowls can also hold essential oils as well, and some people use them to warm up scented oil instead of scented wax.

Both ways will usually work fine, but scented wax usually lasts longer because scented oil tends to evaporate faster.

Let’s take a look at the best light-up air freshener “lamps” that I could find:

Option #1: Scented Oil Diffusers

The designs below all use scented oil to produce their fragrance. They can all work with any scented oil, but I recommend this 6-scent value pack of scented oils for first time oil diffuser owners.

Design #1: Rounded With 7 Color Options

This design is simple and modern. The same device can be set to any of the color options shown, or set to rotate between the colors options automatically.

The colored wood at the bottom comes in light brown, dark brown, and white. View it on Amazon to see them all.

Design #2: Curved With 7 Color Options

Made by the same people who brought you the first design, this second design is the same concept but in a different shape.

The primary difference between this and the first design is that the first design has a larger tank that holds more scented oil, which lets it last longer without needing a refill.

This design shape also comes in 4 possible styles, with the brightly-lit option shown in this image being only one of them. View it on Amazon to see all the styles available.

Design #3: Cylinder With 7 Color Options

I promise that I’ll stop bombarding you with the same 7 color option light-up air fresheners after this one.

I just wanted to mention the first three designs because they’re all very popular, even if they are very similar. Some people just prefer the different shape options.

You’ll also see that this design comes with an optional wooden-styled cover. View it on Amazon to see images of that option.

Design #4: Galaxy-style With 7 Color Options

Now we’re getting to the really unique and cool stuff.

This “galaxy” lamp will not only look awesome and catch the attention of your guests, but it will also smell awesome as well.

It’s also a scented oil diffuser and will spread any fragrance of your choosing across the room. The 7 different light settings are all available on the same device with a control button for choosing the color you want.

Design #5: Himalayan Salt Lamp With 7 Color Options

Remember those pink salt lamps that got popular several years ago? They’re back and better than ever with this cool new product.

Not only does this lamp look awesome, but it also allows you to add your own scented oil so that it can produce a fragrance of your choice.

And even better, a single lamp has 7 different color options, so you aren’t just limited to the old pink-colored salt lamp style anymore. You get one new color for each day of the week!

This design also comes with an optional silver-colored plastic cover, but I think the bronze-colored cover pictured here looks better. View it on Amazon to see what both cover colors look like.

Design #6: Metal Artwork With Animal Shapes

Personally I like this design better than any of the ones above. The artwork is lovely and the fragrance diffuser will work about as well as any other.

This design really looks lovely and even better, there are 4 different artwork cover options to choose from. View it on Amazon to see all 4.

Option #2: Scented Candle Wax Warmers

As I said above, scented candle wax warmers are different from scented oil diffusers. However, a candle wax warmer can also warm scented oil in its warming bowl instead of scented wax.

If you want scented oil, I recommend this 6-scent value pack of scented oils.

If you want scented wax, I recommend this 4-scent value pack of scented waxes.

Designs #1 to #44: Light-up Scented Wax Warmers In 44 Unique Shapes

These light-up scented wax warmers come in a whopping 44 different unique designs that all look absolutely adorable.

I picked some of my favorites to include in the image above, but you need to view the official product page on Amazon if you want to see them all.

Remember, although these are intended for warming up scented wax melts, you can also pour scented oil, or scented oil mixed with water (to last longer) in the little bowls on top of them.

The warm light bulb will heat the wax or the oil, which causes it to spread its scent around the room. The light also serves as a miniature lamp, which is why this set of decorative creations made my list of air freshener lamps.

Design #45: Himalayan Salt Lamp

This is another Himalayan salt lamp-styled design, similar to the design #5 listed earlier on this page.

However, this lamp doesn’t use a regular essential oil diffuser. Instead, it has a small bowl on the top of the lamp where you can set scented candle waxes to melt and diffuse their scent.

Like all candle wax warmers, you could also put essential oils into the melting bowl instead, to diffuse their scents.

It’s worth mentioning that even when you aren’t melting wax or warming up scented oil in this lamp, it still looks like one of those regular Himalayan salt lamps that people use to decorate their homes.

If you want, you can use this as a normal lamp when home alone, then just add scented wax or oil when company is coming over. That sounds like the best plan of action to me.

(Bonus) Option #3: Lampe Berger Lamp Set

A lampe berger, originally designed in France, is one of the most unique air fresheners that I’ve ever seen.

The device uses a burning wick like a candle. Except instead of burning candle wax, it burns a special-made scented alcohol solution that rests in the refillable bottle below it.

The burning alcohol solution will “burn up” odor particles in the air. You can use a neutral-smelling solution to simply destroy odors while the lamp is burning, or you can use a scented solution to both destroy odor particles and also introduce a new fragrance into the air.