3 Ways To Turn A Light Bulb Into An Air Freshener

There are 3 unique ways to turn your household light bulbs into an air freshener.

First, you can simply spray a scented essential oil mixture onto a light bulb. When it turns on and gets hot, it will cause the oil to evaporate into the room, filling it with fragrance. This effective turns any light bulb or table lamp into a scented oil diffuser.

Second, you can get a ring-shaped device that sits on top of a light bulb that is standing upright in a table lamp. The ring-shaped device, called a light bulb oil ring or a light bulb air freshener ring, holds scented oils in a small groove along the ring.

When the light turns on and begins to heat up, the heat will spread into the ring and cause the scented oil to evaporate and fill the room with fragrance. This works via the same principle as the first method, but can provide longer-lasting scent because of the greater amount of scented oil that can fit into the ring.

Third, you can get an ultraviolet (UV) light bulb that “ionizes” odor particles in the nearby air. When an odor particle becomes ionized, it becomes “sticky” and attaches to other molecules more easily.

When the ionized odor particle bumps into a nearby surface, it “grabs” the molecules on that surface, effectively pulling the odor particle out of the air and thus keeping it out of your nose. This process freshens the air by causing odor particles to settle down out of the local air more quickly than they normally would.

I’ve provided you with a guide to each of these methods below:

Method #1: Spray Scented Oil Directly Onto Your Light Bulbs

This is a quick and easy way of adding scent to your living room or bedroom without actually having to own an essential oil diffuser.

Just get a spray bottle that contains any scented fragrance you want, and spray the scented liquid directly onto the light bulb that is held by your table lamp.

When the light bulb heats up, it will warm the essential oil, causing it to evaporate quickly. This will spread the essential oil’s fragrance throughout your room, effectively creating an air freshener from your table lamp!

Warning: Do not spray your scented oil onto a light bulb that is already hot. The quick change in temperature caused by the cold liquid could cause the bulb to break, creating a nasty mess.

Also watch out for accidentally spraying the oil onto your lamp shade. Some oils can stain cloth materials, meaning this method needs to be performed carefully.

And finally, my last warning is that if you use a low-heat modern light bulb, such as a fluorescent bulb, this may not work. The scented oil needs to be heated up enough to cause it to evaporate for this process to work properly.

If you’re interested in trying out this method, I recommend using the scented oils below. You can either buy spray bottles of scented oil that come ready to go, or you can buy scented oils and put them into your own spray bottle and mix them with water to dilute them until they smell as strong or as weak as you desire.

  • Flower Power Scented Oil Sprays – A value pack that comes with 3 scents of different oil sprays – Click here to view.
  • 6-scent Value Pack Of Scented Oil – Comes with 6 scents of very affordable scented oil – Pour an oil into a spray bottle of your own and mix it with water to create your own scented spray bottle – Click here to view.

Method #2: Use A Light Bulb “Air Freshener Ring”

A grooved ring that sits on top of a light bulb in a table lamp. The groove holds scented oil that heats up and evaporates when the light bulb is turned on, spreading fragrance throughout the room. Click here to view this product on Amazon.

A light bulb air freshener ring is a small, circular device that sits on top of an ordinary incandescent light bulb. It is intended to sit on top of the light bulb inside a table lamp.

The ring features a groove in which you can pour a modest amount of scented oils. As the light bulb heats up, the heat will warm the air freshener ring, causing the oil to heat up and diffuse across the room.

There are many products out there that work by warming up scented oil. An air freshener ring turns your ordinary table lamp into one of these scented oil-warming air fresheners! Isn’t that creative?

There are a few different versions of these rings that you can buy, but they all function basically the same. I’ve listed the best ones here:

Method #3: Use An Odor-removing “Ionizing” Light Bulb

When ultraviolet (UV) light hits particles in the air, such as odor-causing particles, it can cause them to become “ionized” which is another term for magnetized. Once they are ionized, the particles become “sticky” or magnetic, and stick to surfaces that they come into contact with.

Under normal circumstances, an odor particle may float around the room, bouncing off the ceiling, walls, or floor for several hours, until it eventually loses momentum and settles on the ground. The problem with this is that during those hours, the room will smell bad if your nose inhales that floating odor particle.

By using an ionizing light bulb, you can make that floating odor particle “sticky” so that it firmly attaches to the first surface that it bumps into. This stickiness, caused by a mild magnetism in the ionized particle, causes the odor particle to settle down much quicker than it normally would.

This removes it from the air, meaning that your nose won’t smell it when you enter the room.

In other words, by using an ionizing light bulb, we can make our rooms smell better by causing odors to be removed from them much faster than normal. Isn’t that cool?

There are several ionizing light bulbs that will all get the job done about the same way. You just replace your normal bulb with an ionizing one, and the light that it emits will cause odors to be removed from the local air more quickly. These bulbs are great to use anywhere in your house that regularly gets stinky, such as a bathroom or kitchen.

  • 5 Watt Ionizing LED Light Bulb – Available in white or blueish soft white – Click here to view.
  • 20 Watt Ionizing LED Light Bulb – Available in white – Click here to view.
  • Remote-Controlled Color-Changing Ionizing Light Bulb – A very high end ionizing light bulb that comes with a remote control – Allows you to change its color and has dimmable brightness levels – Click here to view.

And finally, if you’re interested in the power of ionizing light bulbs but you’d rather have it in a plugin format, then you’re in luck. There is one great brand that produces a very popular plugin air purifier that uses the power of ionizing light to clean the air. Check it out below:

  • Germ Guardian Plugin Air Purifier – Plugs into an electrical socket just like regular plugin air fresheners – Uses a small fan to suck air through its ionizing light, removing odor particles from the air – Click here to view.