Can You Use Air Fresheners On A Dog?

You should never spray a regular household air freshener onto your dog. Many air fresheners contain chemicals that you dog could be poisoned by, or could be allergic to, or simply may not enjoy. Even natural air fresheners, such as essential oils, can occasionally cause an allergic reaction in dogs and other pets.

However, all is not lost for your smelly pooch problems. There are several great scented products that are made especially for dogs, with hypo-allergenic ingredients that are less likely to harm your little pup.

These come in the form of a few different types of products. Some of them are called different things like “cologne” or “spritz” or “spray” but really mean basically the same thing. Here are the various names for these items that are used regularly:

  • Dog shampoo
  • Coat conditioner
  • Coat freshener
  • Pet spritz
  • Pet spray
  • Pet cologne
  • Pet perfume
  • Scented pet wipes
  • Deodorizing spray

Whereas shampoos and conditioners are usually intended for use during bath time, the rest of the products are something that you spray or spread onto your dog’s fur in order to make them smell better and sometimes look better.

Some of these products also help protect your dog’s fur from damage, or help to moisturize your dog’s skin.

Let’s take a look at some of the best-smelling products available for man’s best friend:

The Most Popular Scented Shampoos And Conditioners For Dogs

Everyone has to bathe their dog eventually, especially after he does something crazy like rolls in another dog’s poop (my dog does this almost every chance he gets).

Fortunately, there are shampoos and conditioners that will not just clean the mess out of his fur, but also leave him smelling fresh.

Many of these products act as shampoos, conditioners, or both. The truth is that most of them will probably do a similar job of getting the dirt and odors out of your dog’s fur.

The real question is: What scent do you want your dog to smell like after the bath is done? So I’ve listed them by scent below:

The Most Popular Scented Sprays For Dogs

Whether it’s called dog cologne, dog spray, or dog spritz, these all achieve the same goal of adding a fresh new fragrance to your dog’s fur.

Some of these products also have health benefits, such as killing fleas or coating your dog’s fur in protective conditioner.

Take a look at the various scents available:

The Most Popular Scented Dog Wipes

Sometimes you don’t want to give your pet a whole bath. You just want to wipe a bit of filth off your dog’s fur, especially after he just rolled in the dirt.

If your dog doesn’t like being sprayed with the products listed above, or if you just need to give him a little extra care, then try one of these scented cleaning wipes instead.