Do You Need An Air Freshener Brick?

Did you know that you can buy air freshening “bricks” to keep your car, room, closet, or anywhere else smelling fresh?

How Does It Work?

How does such a brick work? Well, to be honest, it’s not actually a brick. An air freshening “brick” is actually a block of gel, usually held inside a container that has holes in it to allow it to aerate.

The gel is made of special chemicals, usually synthetic, that absorb odor-causing particles that come into contact with it. Basically, as bad smells float around the room, they bump into the air freshener brick, which then absorbs them. This effect keeps the surrounding air free of bad smells – just how you want it.

Some gel bricks also give off a pleasant smell, but some brands are nearly odorless. Do you just want an odor remover, or a pleasant sent adder? You’ll have to take a look at the different brands below and decide which one is for you.

Why Use An Air Freshener “Gel Brick”?

The most popular use of air freshener bricks is for putting in a car. Typically, you just hide it under one of the back seats. It will sit there and slowly absorb the bad odors that are floating around in your car. If you chose a scented brick, it will also give off its own pleasant aroma.

You don’t want to put it under your driver’s seat, or it could slide under your foot while driving.

An air freshener brick can last for several weeks, or even a few months, depending on the specific brick and on how much you open the package.

Some air freshener containers allow you to only partially open the package, which makes them last longer. This would be ideal for freshening small enclosed areas like your car, as opposed to large areas like a living room where you would want to open the package fully in order to freshen the air in the largest amount of space possible.

What Bricks Are Best?

Our favorite brand is the popular TreeFrog brand of air freshener brick. This brand has more different scents to choose from than anyone else.

For some reason, they have two different collections of scents, that are listed on two different pages. To make things even more complicated, they have a page where you can buy these scented air fresheners as a single brick, then a separate page where you can buy them as a 6-brick value pack, but these pages aren’t connected.

Some of those pages were hard to find, so I’ve gathered the links for you below so you can check them out yourself.

Another Option – Air Freshener Gel Canisters

Along with the air freshener gel bricks above, you can also buy products that are identical in function but come in the form of a canister instead.

The most popular air freshener gel canister on the market is the Fresh Wave odor-removing gel canister.

You can also buy a different brand of air freshener canister that comes as a mega value pack of 7 different scents. If I wanted to freshen every car that my family has and every room in my house at the same time, this is the pack I would get. There are a lot of great scents here to experience.

If you want a value pack that only has your favorite scent, then you’re in luck, because they also have value 6-packs of single scents available.

Can I Remove Bad Odors Without Adding A New Scent?

The choices listed above all give off a scented aroma in the immediate location around them. But what if you don’t want any weird scents, you just want an odorless room or car?

If all you want to do is remove bad odors, without adding new fragrances, then I recommend getting a bag of activated carbon. Any odor particles that float through the air will seep through the bag and stick to the activated carbon inside, becoming trapped.

This means that activated carbon is basically a magnet that won’t let go of odor particles once they come into contact with it.

Using it is simple. You just put it wherever you want odors to disappear, and it will slowly but surely remove them from the surrounding air.

Some people use these bags in their cars, their closets, or even their dirty laundry baskets. Just make sure you don’t accidentally put it in the washing machine.