Air Freshener Guide – The Best Air Fresheners For Spicing Up Your Home

There are two primary types of air freshener: those that focus on removing bad odors, and those that focus on adding new scents. Some air fresheners do a bit of both as well.

On this page, we’re going to focus on the ones that add a new aroma to your life. Below, I’ve listed a bunch of options for adding new fragrances to any room in your house.

Let’s take a look at the best air freshener options you can find online:

Option #1: Scented Spray Bottles For Instant Fragrance Anywhere

One of the easiest, cheapest, and fastest ways to add a new fragrance to a room of your choice is with a scented spray bottle.

I know: they don’t last forever. But sometimes you don’t need a room to smell good for weeks at a time. What if you just want to freshen it up right before company comes over, but you don’t have the time to set up an actual air freshener?

Everyone should keep a scented spray bottle or two in their home in case of emergencies. Even if it doesn’t get rid of every bad scent in your house, often times it can cover it up well enough that your guests won’t notice.

Below, I’ve found two great scented spray value packs that come with a variety of wonderful fragrances. Take a look:

  • Glade 4-scent Spray Bottle Variety Pack – Comes with 4 different scents – Click here to view.
  • Natural Flower Power 3-scent Spray Bottle Variety Pack – Comes with 3 different scents – Made from all-natural scented oils – Click here to view.

Option #2: Plugin Air Fresheners

Tried and true, plugins are the most well-known type of air freshener. It seems like everyone has one or two of these sitting in an outlet somewhere in their house, and for good reason: they are cheap, simple, and they work.

Plugins are mostly used in bathrooms but can actually be used anywhere. Some plugins have settings that let you adjust how strong the scent is. Many plugins also allow you to refill them with scented oil refills cartridges, or with cartridges of scented oil that you buy separately.

Let’s take a look at some good plugin options:

Option #3: Electric Essential Oil Diffusers

An electric diffuser requires an outlet to plug into. Most people will set it up on a coffee table or lamp table somewhere in their living room, or perhaps the dining room.

The oil diffuser takes scented essential oils and spreads them throughout the room, filling it up with a fragrance of your choice. The best part about using scented oils as an air freshener is that there are so many great smells to choose from – literally dozens.

Check out my favorite scented oil diffuser here:

  • Electric Essential Oil Diffuser – Comes in 4 decorative designs – Has various lighting settings – Click here to view.
  • Scented Oil 6-scent Value Pack – A nice starter package of 6 different scented oils – Click here to view.

Option #4: Table Decorations That Smell Great

If you want your dining room table to also look great while it’s busy smelling great, we’ve got you covered. The two decorative air fresheners that we recommend are potpourri bags or bowls, and reed diffusers.

A potpourri bag is just a bag of natural ingredients like tree trimmings that give off an aroma. A reed diffuser is a vase that holds wooden sticks, called reeds. The vase is filled with scented oil, which gets absorbed into the wooden reeds. As the oil makes its way up the reeds, it slowly evaporates, giving off a pleasant aroma around your table.

You can check out our favorite potpourri bags here:

And check out these beautiful reed diffusers:

  • Cocod’or Reed Diffusers – Choose between 8 different scents and 5 unique designs – Click here to view.

Option #5: Fabric Cleaner That Leaves A Scent

Getting odors out of your furniture and carpet is a lot more fun when you can add new scents in their place. Thankfully, there are plenty of options for doing this effectively with scented spray bottle cleaners for fabric and upholstery.

We couldn’t possibly mention a fabric cleaner without mentioning Febreze, which is probably the most popular version of fabric cleaner on the planet. It leaves a scent that is comparable to the “fresh laundry” smell that everyone knows and loves.

But we also found a great variety pack option from another brand that will give you several different scents to choose from. Take a look here:

  • Febreze Original Scent Fabric Cleaner – Smells like clean laundry – Click here to view.
  • OdoBan 4-scent Value Pack – Destroys odors and adds new scents while doing so – Comes with 4 different scents – Click here to view.

Option #6: Scented Candles

A scented candle is a cheaper, easier, and even classier way to decorate your dining table or coffee table before guests arrive. Not only will it smell great, but it will tell guests “I thought of this just for you” because of the extra effort to light the candles before they arrive.

Take a look at our favorite scented candle variety packs here:

  • Small-size Scented Candle 8-scent Value Pack – Comes with 8 different scents – Click here to view.
  • Decorative Medium-size Scented Candle 8-scent Value Pack – A bit larger candles that come in decorative metal tins – Comes with 8 scents in one package – Click here to view.

Option #7: Scented Satchels For Closets And Drawers

If you want to add a smell to a small enclosed space, you don’t need a big electric oil diffuser to do it. Just get some satchels of scented material and leave them anywhere you want to get a whiff of nice scent.

These satchels are typically left in drawers or closets, but you can put them anywhere you want for a light fragrance. They might work well in your car as well.