Need An Air Freshener For Your Stinky Gym Locker Or Bag?

The smell of body odor is tolerable if it’s your own. But having to smell other people’s BO coming out of a shared gym locker is completely disgusting. And other people don’t want to smell your body odor, either.

On this page I’ll give you the best ways to remove disgusting body odor – yours or someone else’s – from a locker that you’re using at the gym. These items can also keep your gym bag and stinky shoes smelling as clean as possible as well.

Option #1: Odor-absorbing Bags Of Activated Charcoal

Activated charcoal, also known as activated carbon, is a material that “grabs” odor particles out of the air when they come into contact with it. By trapping the odor-causing particles, it keeps them out of the air and thus, out of your nose.

There are several products that use activated carbon to remove odor. One of the most popular is a porous cloth sack of the stuff. As odor particles seep through the porous bag, they bump into the carbon inside and get stuck in there. This process freshens the air around the bag.

The best way to use in the gym is to keep one in your gym bag. It will constantly absorb odors that would otherwise seep into your spare clothing, shoes, socks, or the fabric of the bag itself. These carbon bags will absorb both your own body odor, and odor from other people that is leftover in the locker from the last guy who used it.

  • Odor-absorbing Bags Of Activated Charcoal – Value pack of 4 bags – Click here to view.
  • Extra Small Odor-absorbing Bags – Smaller bags for fitting into smaller spaces, such as putting directly inside your shoes to absorb their odors – Click here to view.

Option #2: Odor-absorbing Gel Containers

These portable containers are filled with gel that destroys odor-particles at a molecular level when they come into contact with it.

They are most effective in small, enclosed spaces such as a closet or a car, which means they should work great in a gym bag or gym locker as well.

Here’s my recommendation for the best odor-absorbing gel containers you can find:

  • Name Brand Odor-absorbing Gel Container – Comes with 2 gel containers – Click here to view.
  • Off Brand Odor-absorbing Gel Container – Comes with 3 canisters at an incredibly low price – Click here to view.

Option #3: Shoe Deodorizer Balls

Did you know you can stuff a plastic ball filled with deodorizing chemicals into your shoes to suck up all the bad smell in them? Well, you do now.

Just like the extra small charcoal bags I mentioned above can be stuffed into your shoes, you can also put these special-made plastic balls into your shoes. They contain odor-absorbing material that will keep your shoes from stinking up the rest of your gym bag or locker.

  • Shoe Deodorizer Balls – Stick them in your shoes to absorb the smell of sweaty feet – Click here to view.

Option #4: Shoe Deodorizer Spray

This is made specifically for shoe smells but I’ll let you in on a secret: most odor-destroying products will work on almost any smell at all, simply due tot he chemistry involved. One odor-causing particle is not much different than another, which means that if your cleaning spray can destroy one, it can destroy most of them.

That means that this spray will not only freshen up your shoes, but can be used on anything else in your gym bag or locker as well. Take a look:

  • Natural Shoe Deodorizer Spray – Made for shoes, but can be used on other stuff as well – Click here to view.

Option #5: Scented Wet Wipes

Sometimes a wet wipe is more convenient for getting odors off of a dirty hard surface than just a spray bottle. Use these if you want to wipe down your gym locker, or any gear you bring to the gym.

  • Scented Wet Wipes 75-pack Container – Removes odors and leaves a fresh scent in their place – Click here to view.

Option #6: Scented Satchels

Most of the options above are focused on removing bad odors, not adding new scents. But if you want to try covering up your musky-smelling gym bag or locker with a new fragrance instead, then you can do so easily by putting a scented satchel in your gym bag or locker.

I found a great brand of these that comes with tons of fragrance options. Check them out here:

  • Scented Satchels – For adding a new smell to your gym bag or locker – Available in 16 different varieties – Click here to view.

Option #7: Clean Your Gym Bag With Serious Odor-Remover

After using a gym bag for awhile, it’s going to end up absorbing a lot of funky smell from both you, and the smelly shared lockers that you might be storing it in.

Try giving your gym bag a few sprays with a heavy duty cleaning product that is specifically designed for getting rid of tough odors. By keeping your bag clean, you can help prevent bad odors coming from the bag from seeping into your clothes inside of it.

I recommend this heavy duty odor remover spray that works on fabrics:

  • Professional Strength Odor Removal Spray – Works on fabrics such as a gym bag – Click here to view.