Want Your Car To Smell Like Cedar? Try These Cedar-Themed Air Fresheners.

I’ve assembled a list of 6 different air fresheners that make your car smell like cedar wood.

Cedar is a great air freshener choice because the scent only comes from all-natural ingredients out of a real cedar wood tree. You can also use real, actual cedar wood to provide the scent, instead of a regular air freshener. We’ll discuss all the possible options below.

Option #1: Cedar-scented Clip-on Air Freshener

This air freshener clips onto your air conditioning vent. When the air is running, it will blow the scent of cedar all throughout your vehicle.

Option #2: Cedar-scented Hanging Air Freshener

The classic hanging tree air freshener. There are many different scents available, but I’ve linked you to the one fragrance that I could find that is based on cedar.

Option #3: Cedar-scented Spray Bottles

Get one of these bottles and give your car interior a nice spray or two to get your car smelling like fresh cedar wood. Try spraying the liquid into the interior fabric to cover up bad odors and get the fabric emanating a pleasant natural smell for several days.

These bottles are ideal if you just want something that is quick, easy, and instant. They are a great choice if you are about to pick someone up and you’re worried about your car smelling bad. You can spray as much as you need to cover up a strong odor.

Using a spray bottle is generally considered a short-term solution for adding scents to your car. However, the real benefit of these spray bottles is that you can use them multiple times and whenever you need them most. If you just want to freshen up your car on Sundays before taking the family to church, for example, then a single spray bottle might last you all year.

Cedar spray bottles comes with several fragrance options. Let’s take a look:

Option #4: Cedar-scented Fragrance Canister

A super convenient and portable option that lasts up to 6 weeks. This small fragrance canister can fit just about anywhere you want the smell of cedar – including in your car.

Just open the canister and stick it anywhere in your vehicle to fill your car up with cedar fragrance. You can put it in a cup holder or anywhere that holds small objects.

Option #5: Satchel of Cedar Wood Trimmings

Okay, I have to be honest: these aren’t really intended for putting in your vehicle. They’re more of a coffee table or dining room decoration.

But who says that has to stop you? They still smell great, and the bags can be put anywhere you want, even under the back seat of your car. The scent will still emanate out and freshen up your vehicle.

Option #6: Pieces of Real Cedar Wood

Just like the satchel above, these pieces of cedar wood are typically intended for decorating your house or closet with.

However, many of these pieces would easily fit into spaces around your car. The carved wood pieces will emanate a natural cedar smell, freshening up your vehicle for an extended period of time.

Another great tip for using actual cedar wood as an air freshener is that if the scent starts to wear off, you can just use sand paper to sand the surface of the wood a little bit. This will dig deeper into the wood and unlock more fresh scent that was hidden within. If you do this, cedar wood can keep smelling great for a very long time.

Below you’ll see my favorite “value pack” that has tons of cedar pieces. But if you don’t need that many for your car, you can also buy most of them separately. I’ve also included a separate link where you can buy small, hang-able cedar pieces that could hang under your rear view mirror with a piece of string.