Top 10 Cedar-Scented Air Fresheners For Your Home

Cedar air fresheners are hugely popular for closets, dresser drawers, and vehicles. I found 10 different types of cedar-themed air freshener that you can use to freshen up your house or car.

Let’s take a look at all our lovely cedar-smelling options.

Option #1: Cedar Spray Bottles

The easiest way to add cedar scents to any place you want is with a quick spray or two from a spray bottle. These spray bottles contain real cedar extract, not just artificial chemicals that are made to smell like cedar.

A cedar spray is ideal for when you want cedar smell and you want it now – such as when company is about to come over and you want to cover up a bad smell in your house.

Using a spray bottle is not going to provide a long term scent in a highly vented area, such as your living room. However, spraying it in a low ventilation area such as your closet, car, or dresser drawers could mean it will last awhile.

Here are some cedar spray bottles that customers seem to love:

Option #2: Cedar-scented Canister (Open To Release Scent)

Let’s just ignore the irony of using a piece of plastic to add a natural wood scent to your home. This is the modern world. Real wood may be great, but the convenience of having the smell of cedar wood in an affordable and easy-to-use plastic container is even better.

There’s only one option to choose from in this category. Frankly, that surprised me. I thought cedar would be more popular for this type of air freshener, but I guess everyone prefers the sprays or the wooden blocks mentioned down below.

This canister is super convenient and can fit just about anywhere:

Option #3: Cedar-scented Electric Plugin Air Freshener

Cedar is an extremely rare scent to find in a plugin air freshener. Most brands come with scents that have a “cleaning product” type of chemical smell to them. But I managed to find a single brand of plugin that comes with cedar scent.

You’ll have to buy the plugin device and the cedar scented oil separately. Here are the links:

Option #4: Cedar-scented Car Air Vent Freshener

This air freshener is intended for clipping on to your car’s air conditioning vent, which allows it to fill your car with cedar fragrance as soon as you turn on your air.

However, a fun trick with these air vent clips is that they can also be attached to any air vent in your house. So, if you want to use one to freshen a certain bedroom, or to clip onto a window unit air conditioner unit, you can do that too.

Option #5: Cedar-scented Hanging Air Freshener

The most classic type of air freshener for any car or truck: a hanging cardboard tree with a fresh scent that comes out of it.

I found one hanging tree option that contains a cedar-based scent. Take a look:

Option #6: Essential Oil Diffuser With Cedar Scent

Essential oil diffusers are becoming more and more popular these days. The primary benefit of an oil diffuser over a regular plugin air freshener is that not only does the oil diffuser make a lovely decoration, but it also allows you to easily switch out different scented oils any time you want.

Cedar is a rare scent to find in essential oils, but I managed to find one brand that was selling it. I also have a recommendation for an essential oil diffuser, if you don’t already own one:

Option #7: Real Cedar Coat Hangers For Your Closet

Everyone has seen wooden clothes hangers before. But did you know that some are specifically made not just to look good, but to give off their natural wood aroma?

Use these cedar coat hangers if you want your closet and your clothes to smell great:

Along with those coat hangers, I also found another cedar object for your closet that’s not exactly a coat hanger, but it does hang like one. It’s a piece of real cedar wood that hangs from a metal hook just like a coat hanger.

These are specifically designed for adding cedar scents to your closet, and the scent of cedar also repels moths and bugs as well. Take a look:

Option #8: Cedar Potpourri Satchels

Most potpourri satchels come with various tree or plant-based fragrances. However, it’s very difficult to find a potpourri containing only the cedar scent.

Fortunately for you, I did the searching and found the options below. They aren’t quite as fancy looking as regular potpourri trimmings are, but you can only make cedar trimmings look so appealing.

Option #9: Cedar Scented Candles

Everyone loves scented candles. They make a great decoration for when company is company over, and they also make great gifts. A cedar-scented candle would be a great Christmas gift, since the natural wood aroma is often associated with Christmastime.

Unfortunately I couldn’t find any very small, cheap candles that were scented with cedar, but I did find these very fancy options:

Option #10: Pieces Of Real Cedar Wood

For the most part, a piece of cedar wood is only going to give off a mild cedar aroma. This means it is ideal for adding scents to small, enclosed places such as a closet, a dresser drawer, cabinets, or perhaps your car.

However, what if you filled your whole house with these wonderful smelling natural air fresheners? Apparently, that’s the idea behind the cedar wood collection that I found below. It’s a huge value pack of all sorts of cedar-smelling wooden decorations for your house.

With this value pack, I’m pretty sure you could fill up every bedroom and closet in your house with the fresh smell of cedar, and still have some left over for your car as well.