Can An Air Freshener Attach To A Ceiling Fan?

Is it possible to use your ceiling fan to circulate a new scent in your room? The answer is technically yes, but you probably don’t want to actually do it. I’ll explain why below.

There is only one air freshener product on the market that specifically advertises that you can attach it to a ceiling fan. It’s the Harbor Breeze scented fragrance strips. These items are strips of scented fabric that have a sticky back to them. You can stick them on the top of your ceiling fan blades in order to circulate their scent around the room.

There’s just one problem: this product, and other products that are very similar to it, have horrible reviews from just about everyone that uses them.

Scented fabric strips that circulate large quantities of air are known to make very poor air fresheners. Typically, the air circulation flowing through them is so intense that the scent gets “used up” in a day or two, leaving you with no long term fragrance like you’d hoped.

This particular product also has complaints of the sticky strips coming loose and falling off the ceiling fan, turning it into a floor air freshener instead. That doesn’t sound very promising.

Alternatives That Can Work With Your Fan

Some people have had success by using clip-on air fresheners instead. I recommend using the very popular Febreze ones. These were made for cars, but can be used anywhere. You can just use the plastic clip to attach it to your ceiling fan, either on the fan blade or some other part of it.

I would be careful putting it on the actual spinning blades of the fan, as the air freshener might get thrown off and smack you in the face. Try putting it on the light fixture under the fan instead, which will still allow it to use the fan breeze to circulate the good scent.

The clip-on air fresheners can also work great by attaching them to an air vent in your house, or even the air vent on a window air conditioning unit that is blowing air into your bedroom.

Another option is to use a hanging air freshener and simply let it hang from the light fixture under the ceiling fan, or tie it to the pull strings that turn the light on and off. The Little Trees car air freshener brand has tons of scent options to choose from.

Air Fresheners That Work Just As Well… But Without The Difficulty Of Attaching Stuff To Your Fan

Honestly, I don’t recommend putting an air freshener on your ceiling fan unless you really have no other place to put one. There’s so many great air freshener options for your home that nobody should need to resort to using an air freshener designed for a car in their bedroom instead.

For a nice decorative air freshener, I recommend this lighted, electric scented oil diffuser. It looks great and will spread an aroma of your choice throughout a large room. You can get a multi-fragrance value pack to fill it up with all sorts of great scented oils to choose from.

If you don’t care about decorations, then I recommend sticking with a good old Glade plugin air freshener. Plugin air fresheners are popular because they get the job done and are cheap and easy to use. If all you want is a nice smell in your room, this is your most economical option.

And finally, if you just want to remove bad odors without adding new scents, then try using an odor-removing gel canister instead. This container is filled with scientifically formulated gel that “traps” odor particles that come into contact with it over time, leaving the nearby air smelling clean.