Febreze “Small Spaces” Air Freshener Guide

What Is The Febreze Small Spaces Air Freshener?

Febreze’s fun little product called the “Small Spaces” air freshener is a set-it-and-forget-it air freshener device. It comes with a small plastic holster that holds a container of scented air freshener gel. When you press the gel container into the holster, the container opens up and releases the smell of Febreze into the room.

The product is intended to freshen small rooms such as a bathroom or bedroom, not a large open living room.

How Do You Open The Febreze Small Spaces Air Fresheners?

Some people have trouble opening the package. This is because the package warns you not to open it in a certain way, in order to avoid tearing or piercing the air freshener gel container that comes with it.

You can watch this instructional video that a customer made on how to open it properly.

How Do You Activate The Febreze Small Spaces Air Freshener?

To activate the Small Spaces air freshener, just plug the scented gel container into the the holding stand. Then, pull down on the bottom of the holding stand to “open” the air freshener. You can watch this instructional video made by the same customer to see it in action.

What Does The Febreze Small Spaces Air Freshener Smell Like?

The original Febreze scent smells like “fresh laundry” fabric softener. However, the Febreze Small Spaces air freshener holster is also able to use several different scents that you can buy in separate refill packages.

The following scents are available when buying the full product:

The following scents are available as refill containers that can go in the Small Spaces stand/holster that you already own:

For some reason, Febreze does not make it easy to buy all of the scents as refill cartridges online. To find the rest of the scents as refills only, you may have to look in your local store.

How Long Does The Febreze Small Spaces Air Freshener Last?

The Febreze Small Spaces package claims that the scent of a single gel container lasts for 30 days.

However, some customers say that the scent begins to fade after about 3 weeks.

How Do You Refill The Febreze Small Spaces Air Freshener?

To refill your Febreze Small Spaces device, just remove the old scented gel container and replace it with a new one.

When adding the new one, remember to place it into the plastic holster device first, then pull down on the bottom of the plastic holster device to activate the new scented container.

Does The Febreze Small Spaces Air Freshener Eliminate Odors?

The Febreze Small Spaces packaging does claim that it eliminates odors. However, most air fresheners that use scented gel containers to produce a scent also make this claim despite the fact that they typically do not actually remove odors but merely cover them up.

In general, if you want to actually neutralize the odor-causing particles, you will need to use a deodorizing product that is designed specifically for odor removal instead of adding a new scent.

I recommend the following products for odor elimination:

  • Ozone Spray – Natural compound that destroys odor-causing particles – Click here to view.
  • Odor-removing Gel Canister – Absorbs nearby odor-causing particles and leaves a fresh scent in their place – Click here to view.

Where Can I Put A Febreze Small Spaces Air Freshener?

Most people put their Febreze Small Spaces air freshener in the bathroom. However, you can also put it in a bedroom or closet. The device can sit properly on any small counter or table.

It probably shouldn’t be placed in a large open room as the name implies, because it may not spread the scent far enough to freshen the whole area.

Is The Febreze Small Spaces Air Freshener Toxic To Humans?

The scent of Febreze is not toxic to humans. However, some people may have allergic reactions to strong odors causing by scented chemicals or even natural substances. People with a history of asthma may be particularly sensitive. Avoid using the Febreze Small Spaces air freshener if you have a history of bad allergic reactions to other scented air fresheners.

Toddlers and young children should not have a scented air freshener in their bedroom, especially while sleeping, as it could cause an allergic reaction without you being aware of it.

Never consume Febreze or allow it to get into the eyes or on the face of humans or animals.

Is Febreze Toxic To Dogs, Cats, Birds, Or Other Pets?

In general, most pets will not be harmed by the smell of air fresheners such as Febreze. However, many pets may find the scent to be unpleasant. Pets may also occasionally have allergic reactions to these scents.

If your pet begins acting erratically, or shows signs of allergies such as runny nose or irritated eyes, then remove the air freshener near your pet and see if the pet’s health improves.

Does Febreze Cover Up Smoke Odors?

Some people say that Febreze does cover up the smell of smoke well enough for their needs.

However, in general, scented air fresheners often do not fully eliminate the smell of smoke. Instead, they just mask it for awhile, or mix with it and produce a foul combination.

For smoke odor removal, I recommend a natural ozone spray instead of an air freshener:

  • Ozone Spray – Natural compound that neutralizes odor-causing particles, including smoke odors – Click here to view.

Does Febreze Kill Germs?

Yes, Febreze spray kills germs on surfaces where you spray it. However, the scent produced by the Febreze Small Spaces air freshener will not kill germs around the room it is freshening.

What Ingredients Are In Febreze?

Because air fresheners are not legally required to disclose their ingredients, the ingredients of Febreze products are only partially known. Also, each product may use different ingredients and in different quantities.

To see a full list of the ingredients that the Febreze brand is willing to disclose, click here to view their ingredients web page.