What’s The Best Air Freshener For A Bathroom?

There are two great air freshener options for a bathroom, depending on your needs. The first is a portable spray bottle that you can spray into the toilet before doing your business, which blocks bad odors from escaping the toilet to begin with. The second option is a standalone air freshener which sits in your bathroom and continuously freshens the air.

You can get both types of air fresheners in many different scents. The standalone type, which sits in your bathroom and continuously freshens it up, is also available in a few different functions. You can get it in a form that puts out a scent continuously, or in forms that absorb odor particles without putting out any scent, or in a form that absorbs odors while also putting out a mild scent.

I’ll talk about all of these types in more detail below.

What Air Freshener Type Fits Your Needs?

I personally recommend getting a spray bottle air freshener for your own personal use, and also getting a standalone air freshener if you expect to have guests use your bathroom.

The spray bottle is excellent for keeping the bathroom fresh for yourself or your family. Since you use the bathroom every day, you can just make a habit of using the spray bottle before doing your business. You can also let anyone else living in your home know how to use it.

However, the spray bottle is not exactly ideal for having guests over. Why? Because most people have never actually heard of a spray bottle air freshener that sprays directly into a toilet. They also won’t realize that you’re supposed to spray it in the toilet before you go, not just spray it around the bathroom afterwards like a regular aerosol air freshener.

Trying to tell your guests to spray the toilet before using it would be a bit awkward, don’t you agree? After all, you probably don’t want to talk to your guests about the bad smells they produce in the bathroom.

If you expect to have guests over, do them a favor and use a standalone air freshener that doesn’t require their interaction in order to make your bathroom smell fresh. They will appreciate it.

We’ll look at spray bottle options first, since I recommend these for everyone. Then, we’ll discuss standalone air fresheners down below.

The Best Spray Bottle Air Fresheners To Prevent Toilet Odors

These sprays are intended to be sprayed into the toilet right before you go potty. They will prevent odors from rising out of the toilet to begin with, and also freshen the toilet with a new scent of your choice.

An added benefit of these spray bottles is that you can take them with you to anywhere you may be headed. If you hate the embarrassment of stinking up a friend’s bathroom, you can stick one of these bottles in your purse and use it before doing your business in their toilet.

You can also take these in luggage while traveling, if you expect to share a hotel room with someone else and don’t want to embarrass yourself by stinking up the bathroom.

Here’s some of the most popular toilet sprays available:

  • Poo-Pourri Toilet Spray – Available in 14 scents – Spray this into the toilet before you go potty to prevent odors and add a fresh scent of your choice – Click here to view.
  • Just A Drop Toilet Droplets – Available in Eucalyptus scent – Use just 1 drop from this liquid dropper before using the toilet to prevent odors and add the fresh scent of eucalyptus plant extract – Click here to view.

The Best Standalone Air Fresheners For Adding Scents To Your Whole Bathroom

There are tons of standalone air fresheners that you can use in a bathroom. The question is: Do you want an air freshener that adds a new scent, one that absorbs bad odors without adding a new scent, or one that absorbs odors while also adding a bit of scent?

Most people use regular plugin air fresheners because they are cheap and easy to use. They typically work just fine, if all you care about is introducing a new scent to a small room such as a bathroom.

However, if you just want to add a scent to your bathroom, I recommend getting a standalone air freshener that doesn’t use an electrical outlet. If you share a bathroom with anyone else, chances are that you already don’t have enough bathroom outlets to go around. The good news is that there are several great air freshener options that don’t take up a bathroom outlet.

Check out these great standalone air fresheners that add scents to your whole bathroom, without needing an electrical outlet:

  • Febreze Small Spaces Air Freshener – Available in 3 scents – No electricity or batteries required – Click here to view.
  • Decorative Jar of Scented Gel – Available in 5 scents – No electricity or batteries required – Click here to view.
  • Lysol Automatic Air Freshener Sprayer – Available in 1 scent – Automatically sprays your bathroom regularly with fresh scent – Comes with batteries – Click here to view.

The Best Odor-removal Options For Your Bathroom

But what if you want to focus on removing bad odors from your bathroom, instead of covering them up with a new fragrance that might not fully hide the bad smells?

For odor removal, I recommend a few different options. The first is a gel canister that absorbs odor particles that come into contact with the gel. The gel also gives off a light scent, but nothing as strong as the scented air fresheners listed above.

The second option is an odor-absorbing bag of activated carbon. The bag can make a cuter decoration than most other air purifying options, although whether you want to decorate your bathroom with it is up to you.

The best “set it and forget it” long-lasting options for removing bathroom odors:

  • Odor-removing Gel Canister With Mild Scent – Absorbs odors while giving off a mild scent – Click here to ivew.
  • Odor-absorbing Gel Canister With Stronger Scents – Absorbs odors while giving off a stronger scent – Available in 6 scents – Click here to view.
  • Odor-absorbing Bag of Activated Carbon – Absorbs odors without giving off any scent – Click here to view.

The Best Miniature Air Purifier For Your Bathroom

Finally, I have one last recommendation. If you want to kill germs in your bathroom as well as remove odors, you can use an miniature air purifier made just for bathrooms.

This device requires a wall outlet with a generous amount of space to fit in. You plug it in, and it uses a fan to circulate air through it. Instead of using an air filter like most large air purifiers, it uses a UV light bulb that kills germs with ultraviolet light.

You can check it out here:

Germ Guardian Plugin Bathroom Air Purifier – Kills germs with ultraviolet light – Click here to view.