The Best Air Freshener Cans For Your Car

When it comes to fresh scents in a can, you have four different options for making your car smell great:

  1. Your first option is can full of scented material that gives off a chosen fragrance for an extended period of time.
  2. Your second option is a scented spray can or bottle that you can use to add a boost of fragrance to your car whenever you want.
  3. Your third option is can full of anti-smell gel that sucks odor-causing particles out of the air.
  4. And your fourth option is what’s called a car freshener bomb, a single-use canister that completely fills your car with odor-destroying vapor and leaves a fresh new scent afterwards.

Each of these options is good for a different purpose. I’ll explain below.

Option #1: Long-lasting Scented Cans

The most common reason to use an air freshener can is to add a new scent of your choice to your vehicle interior. This is a decent option for covering up faint “musty” smells that you aren’t able to clean out of your car otherwise.

However, adding a new scent to your car when there’s already a strong odor in it doesn’t always work out well. It might end up mixing the two smells together to create something new and gross. Or, it might work out fine. You’ll have to try it yourself to find out.

There are several different scents available from a few different manufacturers. I’ve listed the best and most popular ones here. Take a look:

Option #2: Using A Spray For Immediate Results

If you’re headed to pick somebody up and your car smells bad, you need to make it smell better right now. The best option for that is to use a scented spray can. The best part about using a spray to fragrance your car is that you can use as much or as little as you want, in order to get the smell just right.

With a scented spray can, you can just keep it in your car and bust it out any time you are worried about somebody else smelling the bad odors. If you just use it before taking the family to church once a week, for example, then a single spray can could last all year.

I’ve selected a few popular options below:

Option #3: Using A Deodorizing Gel Canister

If you just want to get rid of bad odors in your car without adding strong new fragrances, then a deodorizing gel container is a decent option for doing so.

The gel inside the container will absorb odor-causing particles floating through the air, while also giving off a slight “fresh” cleaning product type of scent. These items are perfect for deodorizing small enclosed spaces like a car interior.

The Ozium brand of deodorizer is one of the most popular brands out there:

Option #4: A Car Freshener “Bomb”

Don’t worry, this item does not actually explode.

Instead, when you open up the can, it spews out odor-destroying vapor that fills up your whole car. The vapor digs deep into the cracks and crevices of the car, cleaning out every last hiding spot for dirt, stains, spills, and anything else that causes odors.

A car freshener bomb is a great option for eliminating the strong smell of smoke from a car. Many people use this product to eliminate the smell of smoke from a used car that they just bought from a lifelong smoker.

We recommend the most popular brand below:

  • Air freshener “bomb” – Destroys odor and leaves new car smell afterwards – Click here to view.