What’s The Best Air Freshener For Furniture?

The best air freshener for you to use on your furniture depends on whether you’re trying to just remove odors and get back to a neutral smell, or if you want to add a strong new fragrance to impress your guests.

For removing odors, the easiest solution is to spray a fabric cleaner on the furniture. For adding new scents, the best air freshener to use is essential oils sprayed onto the furniture itself, or pre-scented fabric cleaners that will kill germs while also adding a new scent.

I’ll discuss all of these options below, and show you what products to use for each purpose.

Option #1: Removing Odors From Furniture To Get Back To A “Neutral” Smell

If you just want to remove odors, such as the smell of a dog that regularly sleeps on the couch, then I recommend starting out with a super easy fabric cleaner spray bottle.

You just spray it lightly onto your furniture, and it does the rest of the work for you. The compounds in the fabric cleaner will trap odor particles. Then, as the fabric cleaner evaporates, the “cleaning product” smell of it will also fade away as well, leaving nothing but a normal scent for your couch or other furniture.

I recommend these fabric cleaner spray bottles for removing bad odors on your furniture:

How To Save Money By Making Your Own Deodorizing Spray

If you clean regularly, you may have noticed that buying new bottles of fabric cleaner every few weeks can get quite expensive. Luckily for us, cleaning our furniture and removing bad odors doesn’t have to cost much at all.

The first thing you can do to save money is to just water down the fabric cleaner spray that you already have. Use your best judgment on how much water to add before you need to buy more.

The second thing you can do is make your own odor-killing spray from scratch. You can do this very easily by combining water with white vinegar in a spray bottle. Or, you can combine water with rubbing alcohol. Either one works just fine.

Some people recommend combining water and baking soda in a spray bottle, but beware: If you use too much baking soda, it can leave a white film on the objects you spray after the water evaporates.

If you want to make your own for super cheap, you can buy the recommended ingredients here:

Option #2: Adding New Fragrances To Your Furniture

If you want to add a delightful new fragrance to your couch or other furniture, there are a few easy ways to do it. These methods won’t add a long-lasting scent to your sofa, but they will smell great long enough to impress your guests for an afternoon.

The main way to add new scents to your furniture is to use a spray bottle that’s not just vinegar or rubbing alcohol that will evaporate into a neutral odor. Instead, we want to use either a scented oil mixture, or an upholstery cleaner that is pre-scented. I’ll show you the pre-scented stuff first.

If you want to add new scents while also killing germs, then I recommend the OdoBan brand. You can either buy one scent that comes with an container of concentrated solution for refilling your spray bottle, or you can buy a value pack that come with four different scents.

If you don’t care about killing germs, and you just want a new scent, then you should try the Natural Flower Power

See my recommend pre-scented furniture air fresheners here:

  • OdoBan Value Pack – Comes with 4 different scents of air freshener spray that also kills germs – Click here to view.
  • OdoBan Single Spray Bottles Plus Refill – Available in 5 different scents that also kill germs – Comes with refill gallon that will last you a long time – Click here to view.
  • Natural Flower Power 3-Pack – Comes with 3 different natural scents – Not for killing germs – Click here to view.

How To Save Money By Making Your Own Scented Air Freshener Spray

Once again, you have the option to make your own spray bottle if you prefer to be frugal. Only this time, we’re going for a strong fragrance instead of a neutral scent.

All you need to make your own scented spray bottle is a bottle of your favorite scented oil, and a spray bottle filled with water. If you want the spray to kill germs as well, then you can also add the same rubbing alcohol or white vinegar to it that we mentioned earlier.

The process is simple: Just open a spray bottle, and add about 20 drops of your favorite essential oil. If you want to also kill germs, add some rubbing alcohol or white vinegar, but not both. Finally, fill the rest of the bottle up with water, and shake well before using.

It’s that easy. Let’s take a look at the ingredients once again, as well as the essential oils that I recommend using for this do-it-yourself project:

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