What’s The Best Air Freshener For Dogs?

There are several great air freshener options for dealing with dog odors. In general, you should focus on removing bad smells instead of covering them up with new fragrances. This is because dogs and other pets can have allergic reactions to new scents in their home, even if the new scents originate from all-natural ingredients.

Let’s take a look at the best ways to get your human house smelling less like a dog house.

Option #1: Wash Your Dog With Odor-Removing Shampoo

Bathing your dog regularly is the best way to keep their smell from overpowering your entire house. But not all dog shampoos are made equal. Some dog shampoos are made specifically for removing strong odors deep within their fur.

I recommend this odor-removing dog shampoo:

  • Colloidal Oatmeal-based Natural Dog Shampoo – Made for removing tough odors – Click here to view.

Option #2: Clean Your Dog’s Stinky Mouth

Nothing smells worse than extra doggy dog breath after a long walk. But did you know you can actually do something about it?

Some people use tooth brushes to scrub their dog’s mouth. But the solution I found is much easier: You just add this liquid to the dog’s water bowl. The dog drinks it daily, and it helps protect your dog’s mouth from odor-causing bacteria.

I recommend this brand:

  • Oxyfresh Pet Dental Care Liquid – Add 1 capful to your dog’s water bowl each day – The solution will clean your dog’s mouth when he drinks it – Made safe just for dogs – Click here to view.

Option #3: Get Rid Of Dog Smells With Odor-Removing Spray

For cleaning any spot around the house where a dog resides, such as carpet, a couch, a dog bed, or even your bed, you can use special cleaning spray made to abolish pet smells without irritating your dog in the process.

I recommend these two pet odor removers:

Option #4: Use Odor-Removing Powder To Clean Your Carpets And Couches

You may have heard the trick where you can sprinkle baking soda onto carpet, let it sit to absorb odors for awhile, then vacuum it up.

Well, this particular product was made specifically for absorbing pet odors. It comes with extra ingredients that will make it more effective at cleaning dog smell out of carpets.

You can also use it on other fabrics such as your couch. Just sprinkle it onto the fabric, let it sit according to the instructions, then later vacuum it up.

Check it out here:

Option #5: Wipe Your Pet Down With Odor-Removing Grooming Wipes

If you’re too busy or lazy to bathe your dog regularly, you can do the next best thing by wiping their hair down with a pet-friendly grooming wipe.

These wipes will keep your dog’s fur as clean as reasonably possible without actually needing a bath.

See my recommended grooming wipe here:

  • Pogi’s Pet Grooming Wipes – Hypoallergenic wipes made for dogs and cats – Click here to view.

Option #6: Use A Scented Candle Made Specifically For Dogs – Great For Having Guests Over

Are you tired of having your house smell like wet dog when company comes over?

If you just need to cover up your pup’s smell for a few hours, then using a scented candle made specifically for covering up dog smells is a good option.

Typically, using scented products around dogs is not recommended, because they could be allergic to them, or just not like the smell. However, this brand of scented candle is made of natural ingredients that are specifically chosen to be the least harmful to pets.

There is still a chance your pets may not like them, so be sure to gauge your dog’s reaction to the smell. However, if you just need a fresh-smelling house for a few hours, then you can put your dog out back while you light these scented candles inside while company is over.

This pet-friendly scented candle brand comes with a huge variety of scents. Check them out here:

  • Natural Scented Candle Pet Odor Eliminators – Available in a whopping 23 different scents – Click here to view.

Option #7: Use An Odor-Absorbing Canister Made Specifically For Pet Odors

You can get an odor-absorbing canister that can fit just about anywhere in your house.

All you do is open the container, and set it near the smelly location. The gel will absorb odor-causing particles while also dispersing its own pleasant scent in the area. Be sure to gauge your dog’s reaction to make sure he’s okay with the scent.

Check out these options:

  • Citrus Magic Pet Odor-Absorbing Canister – Comes in Citrus and Fresh Linen scents – Click here to view.
  • OdoBan Odor-Absorbing Canister – Comes in Eucalyptus Plus Wildflowers scent – Click here to view.

Option #8: Use Odor-Absorbing Bags Of Activated Carbons

These bags absorb odor-causing molecules while also looking decent on the couch or next to your pet’s blanket or bed. Just make sure your dog doesn’t chew it apart, because it could make a mess. You may want to leave it on your couch if the dog lays there often.

Option #9: Cover Your Furniture With Easily-Washable Pet Throws (Pet Blankets)

You probably already do this. But if not, then you should get right on it. Putting a pet throw (a fancy name for a pet blanket/bed) onto your couch before your dog sits on it is a good way to keep odors in the pet blanket instead of letting them get into the couch material.

Just throw it in the wash whenever you need the odor to disappear. Check out the ones I like here:

Option #10: Use Odor-Destroying Ozone Spray For Immediate Odor Relief

Unlike the sprays mentioned in option #3 above, this type of spray is not for cleaning surfaces. It is only used for spraying into the air to eliminate local odors.

While not specifically designed for dogs, this natural gas spray will destroy many types of odor-causing particles. It’s a great solution for instant odor destruction if you want odors gone immediately. Don’t spray it directly on your dog or near his face, as he could have an adverse reaction.

  • Ozium Ozone Natural Gas Spray – Destroys odor-causing particles in the air – Click here to view.

Option #11: Use An Odor-Absorbing Air Purifier

Air purifiers can catch pet dander along with other odor-causing particles. If you want it to catch odor-causing particles especially well, you have to get the optional activated carbon filters that are sold separately. These filters will catch tiny odor particles that are too small to be caught by normal air filters.

You can see my recommended air purifier with odor-catching carbon filters here: