What Air Fresheners Are Eco-Friendly?

There are two great options for eco-friendly air fresheners. The first option is to use all natural essential oils to add a fragrance of your choice to any room in the house. The second option is to use an all natural odor remover that absorbs odor-causing particles in the air. This won’t add a new scent to your home, but it will remove bad ones. I’ll show you my recommended products for both options below.

Let’s talk about your goals: Do you want to remove bad odors, or do you want to add pleasant new scents? You have to choose, because trying to do both is a bad idea.

When you use an odor-removing device along with a pleasant scent-producing device, the pleasant-smelling particles will actually get absorbed by the odor-remover along with the bad-smelling particles. This is obviously not what we want to achieve.

Below, I’ll show you some excellent ways to add pleasant scents to your home in a way that won’t hurt the environment. Then, I’ll talk about how to remove odors in an eco-friendly fashion as well.

Adding New Scents, Without Using Chemicals Or Plastics

There are all sorts of plastic air fresheners out there. Many of them use synthetic chemicals that end up in the atmosphere, or in a landfill once you throw them away. And the plastic from the devices eventually ends up in a landfill eventually too.

To avoid that, I’ll show you some options for adding scents to your home without using synthetic chemicals, and without using time-limited plastic devices that eventually break down.

The Top 3 Choices For Adding A Scent Without Synthetic Chemicals Or Plastics

To add a new scent without using unnatural chemicals, we have to use scents that come from nature instead. This usually means we’ll be using essential oils to add our new scents. Essential oils are derived from plants and contain concentrated fragrances taken straight out of nature.

Choice #1: Natural Scented Oil Spray Bottle

One fast and easy option to add a new scent to any room in your house is to take a mist spray bottle and fill it with water. Then, add a few drops of an essential oil of your choice. I know I said we would avoid plastics, but a spray bottle can be reused thousands of times without breaking down. A single bottle can last for years, meaning it’s just about the least environmentally harmful plastic item in our house.

You will need:

Or you can get all natural scented oil spray bottles that are already mixed perfectly:

Choice #2: Reed Diffuser With Scented Oils

The next option is a stationary reed diffuser. A reed diffuser uses bamboo or wooden reeds to soak up scented oils in the bottom of a vase or container. As the oils get absorbed by the reeds, they soak up to the top of the reeds, then evaporate into the surrounding air. An essential oil reed diffuser is a fantastic way to decorate your living room table and make it smell fresh when company comes over.

You will need:

  • Reed diffuser table decorationClick here to view.
  • Essential oil 6-scent starter set – only if you want to use scents other than what comes with the original diffuser – Click here to view.
  • Replacement reeds – change the reeds out when changing the scented oil – Click here to view.

Choice #3 – All Natural Scented Candles

Many scented candles contain artificial chemicals that pollute the air around them. But not all scented candles do this. Some are made of naturally produced wax along with 100% natural scented oils inside the wax and wick to deliver the natural fragrance of your choice.

I found these cute, all natural scented candles:

Your Other Option – Removing Odors Naturally, Without Adding Scents

Sometimes using an odor remover is a better option than using a fragrance producer. The most obvious choice is when an odor is mixing with the new scents you add, just making a new combined odor that smells terrible. Sometimes, an odor is just too strong to overpower with essential oils, and you can’t cover it up.

That’s when it’s time to use an odor remover. Fortunately, there are a few all natural options that don’t rely on synthetic chemicals.

The first option is a bag of activated carbon. This bag sits anywhere you want it, and the activated carbon molecules inside it act like an odor-snatching device. The carbon molecules “grab” every odor particular that comes into contact with them, keeping them out of the surrounding air and thus out of your nose. You can set these bags in a bathroom, a living room, a car, or anywhere else, and they will slowly absorb odors in that area.

The second option is a can of ozone spray. I know, this is a bit of a compromise. The can itself will indeed end up in a landfill. This is more for “emergencies only” when you really want to get rid of a bad scent immediately without using chemical cover-up sprays. This spray bottle will spew out ozone, which is a natural substance (usually found in the upper atmosphere – ever hear of the “ozone layer” before?). The ozone particles collide with odor-causing particles and “oxidize” them, which basically means destroy them.

Note: Do not inhale ozone spray or spray it near kids or pets. Although it is a natural substance, it is not healthy for humans to breathe it in large quantities. Once you spray it, let the area “air out” a bit.

Check out both options here: