What’s The Best Air Freshener Spray Bottle?

There are so many air fresheners out there to choose from. From devices that plug into your wall, to scented objects that hang like an ornament. They all have different pluses and minuses about them.

But of all the air fresheners you can get, an air freshener spray bottle is the most versatile. You get to spray it wherever you want, whenever you want, and to whatever intensity you want the new scent to be there.

Sounds pretty awesome to me. But there’s still the question: Which air freshener spray should I buy? Let’s take a look at some options below.

The Best Scents For Your Air Freshener Spray

I personally like the multi choice packs listed here that come with lots of scents to choose from, so you can mix things up each time you clean. However, there are also a lot of good scents to choose from that only come in single-scent packs.

Here’s some of the other lovely scents available:

Also worth mentioning is the hilariously titled Poo-Pouri spray bottle line.

These are intended solely for your toilet to get rid of… well, those bad toilet smells. You actually spray it directly into your toilet before using it, not after. This lets the ingredients of the deodorizer spray trap the odors that appear in the toilet before they are able to get out and spread around the bathroom.

They also have several other scents listed. Just use the scent selection menu while viewing the product on Amazon to see all of their in-stock options.

Natural Ingredients vs Synthetic Chemicals, Do They Matter?

There’s a few differentiating factors between most air freshener sprays.

The biggest difference is the natural vs unnatural debate. Some people believe that any type of chemicals floating around the air can be harmful to your health, so they only buy products that are labeled all-natural.

I personally don’t mind air freshener chemicals myself, as long as they aren’t sprayed too intensely in a small tight space such as in my car.

You might notice that my top choice, the Glade 4-pack, is not labeled as all-natural. That’s because Glade uses synthetic chemicals in their air fresheners. The Febreze 4-pack choice is also not all-natural.

In my opinion, there is no need to focus on all-natural air fresheners unless you know that you specifically have an allergic reaction to one of the synthetic ingredients in the spray. Air fresheners with synthetic chemicals have been used by millions of people, and only a tiny fraction of those people ever have any problem with them.

And if you do have a problem with air fresheners, sometimes the culprit is that you simply sprayed too much of it, and the odor is too strong. Some people get a headache from strong air freshener scents, whilst mild scents give them no problem.

That being said, the rest of my top air freshener choices are labeled as all-natural. So if you care about that, then go ahead and choose one of the fruity flavors. Or, my favorite, the Flower Power variety pack which was my runner up choice.

What About Unscented Sprays?

Lots of people don’t realize that you don’t have to add a new smell via an air freshener in order to get rid of bad smells that are already there.

Instead, you can buy a cleaning product that is specifically made for getting rid of bad odors but without introducing new scents. These products destroy many odor-causing particles when they come into contact with them, thus getting rid of their odor.

If you want to try deodorizing your home with an odor-destroying spray, instead of a scented air freshener like those I listed earlier, you can find some good options here: