What’s The Best Air Freshener And Odor Eliminator Combo?

There are countless cleaning supplies out there available for you to choose from, including all sorts of scented products that come in a variety of fragrances.

However, if you’re dealing with really bad odors, you don’t just want to cover them up with a new scent. That can lead to a nasty situation in which the new smell mixes with the bad smell, and creates a disgusting result for your nose, and the noses of all your guests and housemates.

The solution is to use an odor eliminating cleaning product that will actually destroy the odor particles, while also adding a new scent at the same time.

Fortunately, there are many options for achieving this. Most modern scented air fresheners are now equipped with odor-destroying chemicals or even natural compounds that neutralize odor particles.

We’ve assembled a comprehensive list of your best scent choices below:

Our Favorite Odor-Eliminating Scented Air Fresheners

Multi-Scent Value Packs

Single Scents That Smell Like Natural Flavors

  • Apple Cinnamon – Have you ever tried apple cinnamon toast before? I have, and it was delicious. Inject some deliciousness into your life with this wonderful fragrance.
  • Pure Vanilla – I’ve never met anyone who didn’t like the smell of fresh vanilla. Have you?
  • Vanilla & Lavender – This takes the plain vanilla and makes it a little more fancy.
  • Hawaiian Breeze – Okay, I can’t actually guarantee that it will smell like your last trip to the beach. But maybe the beaches in Hawaii smell differently? You’ll have to try it to find out.
  • Citrus Magic – Maybe you didn’t eat citrus fruit for breakfast, but at least you can smell it all day long with this lovely fragrance.
  • Red Honeysuckle – Not quite the same as the citrus smell, but it will still give you a nice whiff of fruity fragrance.

Single Scents That Smell Like “Cleaning Product” Scents

  • Fresh Flowers – Has a lighter scent that smells like a field of flowers. Or at least, the closest thing possible to it.
  • Fresh Breeze – This product touts its germ-killing ability. If you kill the germs in the wind, what does that leave you with? A Fresh Breeze.
  • Clean Linen – For people who like the “just out of the dryer” clean laundry smell. That means me.
  • Crisp Waters – It smells like fresh water. Okay, I know that fresh water doesn’t actually smell like anything. You’ll have to try it to actually find out what this version of “fresh water” smells like.
  • Blue Odyssey – An ocean-themed fragrance. Do you like the beach? Then you pretty much have to buy this one.

What About Unscented Odor Eliminators?

Believe it or not, you can eliminate odor particles in your home without having to introduce a new scent to cover up the old bad smell.

The way it works is simple: There are several synthetic and natural substances that have the ability to destroy the particles that are floating around your house causing bad odors.

By destroying odor particles in the air or on any surface, you get rid of the bad smell – without introducing a new scent at all. This just leaves you with the “smell of nothing” which some people say is the true smell of cleanliness.

Some people prefer unscented odor eliminators because the natural or artificial fragrances added by normal air fresheners can give them headaches. Strong scents can also occasionally cause allergic reactions in both people and pets.

Let’s take a look at the best unscented odor destroyers:

The Best Unscented Odor Removers

The Best Spray Bottle, For Using Anywhere You Need It Now

The Best Stationary Units, For Months-Long Odor Elimination In A Room Of Your Choice

  • Fresh Wave Odor Removing Gel – These odor-destroying gels are like magic. You open the display canister and allow it to sit somewhere, like on a coffee table or on top of the toilet. The gel slowly absorbs the odor-causing particles floating around the air that come into contact with it, and destroys them. Over a few months, the gel itself will evaporate as it gets “used up” by destroying these odor particles. It’s very scientific, very cool, and helps eliminate any and all odors floating around the room it’s displayed in.
  • MOSO NATURAL Air Purifying Bag – This works very similar to the odor removing gel mentioned above, but it’s contained in a cute little cloth bag instead of a plastic canister. Some people throw one of these into their laundry basket to eliminate the smell of dirty clothes and body odor, but you can put it anywhere.

“My Whole House Smells Horrible” – Read On For Super-Intense Odor Removal Only

Do you have an entire house that is absolutely filled to the brim with bad odor?

The most common cause of this is that you or one of your family members is a smoker. Or maybe somebody else smoked in your home, and now the scent is there to stay.

Another cause is simply messy people: You, or whoever lived there before you, didn’t clean up enough over the years, and now there is a permanent lingering smell to the whole house.

If you have a heavy duty odor removal job that needs doing, then you should consider investing in an ozone generator. Ozone is a natural particle that floats around our atmosphere and is capable of neutralizing odor-causing particles in the air. You’ve probably heard of the “Ozone layer” up in the top of our atmosphere. Well, at normal elevations there aren’t as many ozone particles to go around destroying our bad odors. That’s why we need an ozone generator to make them for us.

An ozone generator produces ozone straight out of your local air. The ozone particles then float around your house until they crash into odor particles, at which point they violently destroy those particles.

Some people say that for the ultimate heavy duty odor elimination jobs, such as removing smoke smells from a house full of smokers, the only way to do it is with an ozone generator.

The Best Ozone Generator For Your House

We recommend the Enerzen Commercial Ozone Generator for the job of eliminating serious odor problems in your home – no matter how intense they are.

Be sure to use an ozone generator only according to its instructions, as ozone is a toxic gas that can harm humans in concentrations that get too high. To avoid this, typically an ozone generator will instruct you to only run it for a maximum of a few hours each day.

Be aware that if your odor problem comes from the growth of mold in your house, the ozone generator can only eliminate the odor particles that the mold produces. It won’t actually kill the mold or stop it from growing. You’ll have to use mold-specific cleaning solutions for that.