BMW Air Fresheners – Get Your Refills Here

Does your BMW have a built-in air freshener that is refillable in the glove box? Or do you use the BMW Natural Air attachable device that clips to the air conditioning vent in your car?

Either way, I’ve got you covered.

BMW Natural Air “Attachable” Air Freshener Refills

The Natural Air product is a small air freshener that attaches to your air conditioning vent inside your vehicle and adds a scent to the air coming out of your AC vents. The air freshener holds a refillable cartridge that contains and releases the scent of your choice. The cartridges can be installed or replaced via the cartridge holder in the glove box.

The Natural Air line of products has six different scents available. I have all of them listed here, along with the air freshener itself which you will need in order to use the scent cartridges. The air freshener comes with one free scent cartridge to start with.

BMW Ambient Air “Built-In” Air Freshener Refills

The built-in air freshener uses refill cartridges that go into a holder that is found in the glove box. There are 7 different scents to choose from that come in different cartridges.

You can find all of the scents here:

Note: Many of the product images for these cartridge refills show a package of four cartridges. This is misleading. The products here are all sold individually. When you buy from one of the links above, you will get one cartridge of the scent name listed.

For installing your Ambient Air cartridges, BMW has produced a short instructional video on how to refill your Ambient Air cartridge in your car. Click here to watch it on Youtube.

Unofficial BMW-Themed Air Freshener Products

While searching for all of the product pages on Amazon to make the lists above, I came across this BMW logo air freshener which I thought looked cool as well. This isn’t made by BMW but I figured that BMW fans might want to have one anyways.

I also found this weird penchant which apparently holds a BMW logo air freshener device as well. I’ve never seen an air freshener quite like this before.

BMW Air Fresheners Too Expensive? Try These Instead

If you don’t care for the BMW-style air fresheners listed above, or if you think they’re a bit overpriced, you can check out these two options that I recommend for normal car users. They’ll work fine in a BMW as well.