Does Your Car Need An Air Freshener Bomb?

No, I’m not talking about blowing up your car with an explosive bomb.

I’m talking about an air freshener bomb. And air freshener bomb is a container that holds a highly concentrated dose of odor-destroying synthetic or natural chemicals.

When you open the “bomb” in your car, and leave it inside the car with the doors and windows shut, the odor-destroying molecules spread out throughout the entire car and neutralize bad odors throughout every crack and crevice of the car.

Recommended Air Freshener Bombs

There are several air freshener bombs to choose from. Some of them are called “odor bombs” because they bomb away your odor (as opposed to a “stink bomb” which causes bad odor).

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular options that people love:

Can I Get Different Scents?

The massive air freshener bombs that fill your whole car with odor-destroying gas are hard to find in a large selection of scents.

However, there are some other similar products that freshen your vehicle and come in a variety of different scents. They are not intended for destroying bad odor particles, but just for adding a new scent to your car. I’ve listed them here:

Air Freshener Bomb vs Normal Air Fresheners – Why Use A Bomb?

Most people will find that a good interior cleaning will do wonders for eliminating a lot of bad odor in their car.

But if you already tried that and the odor remains, or you’re just too lazy to clean your car, using an air freshener bomb can be a fast and quick solution to eliminating bad smells in your vehicle.

An air freshener bomb is a big solution to a big problem. If your car is filled with the smell of smoke, then using an air freshener bomb is a great idea, since regular cleaning is unlikely to get rid of all the smoke odor which has permeated into every surface.

How Does It Work?

It’s extremely simple to use an air freshener bomb. You just open it up, and activate the device inside your car. When you activate it, the air freshener gas will begin to spew out of the container. Now just get out and close the doors and windows. See this video demonstration on Youtube for details.

How Well Does An Air Freshener Bomb Work?

Most people who use air freshener bombs in their car say that they work extremely well at eliminating bad odors compared to other car-freshening methods such as just cleaning your interior.

Since an air freshener bomb fills every single crack and crevice of your car with odor-destroying particles, it’s one of the best possible ways to eliminate odor from the inside of your vehicle.

However, occasionally people do report that the bad odors remained. This typically only happens in severe cases where the odor is deeply ingrained in the vehicle. We do have one recommended solution that can often fix even the most severe odor problems. It is explained at the bottom of this page.

Will An Air Freshener Bomb Leave A Funky Smell In My Car?

Air freshener bombs typically do leave a new scent in your car. Some of them are “unscented” but will still leave a “fresh” smell in your car for a few days or even up to a few weeks.

Others are scented with specific smells such as “new car smell” and will purposefully add a new scent to your car. According to reports by various users, these pleasant new scents typically last for weeks or even months and do a good job of keeping the car smelling like it was just cleaned.

Is An Air Freshener Bomb A Long-Term Solution To Bad Smells?

An air freshener bomb will destroy odor-causing particles in your car when you use it, but will not destroy odor-causing particles in the future, even if you can still smell the “fresh” scent of it for many weeks after using it.

This means that if you introduce new sources of odor to your car, you’re going to have bad odors coming back into your vehicle, and will have to clean out the new bad odors one way or another.

If you want to keep future bad odors from entering your vehicle, I recommend using an odor-absorbing bad of activated carbon. The activated carbon in these bags will absorb any odor-causing particles that come into contact with them, eliminating the smell from your car. The product comes in single or value packs:

Do Air Freshener Bombs Kill Bacteria?

Some air freshener bombs do contain chemicals or natural substances that also kill bacteria that are lingering in your car. Check the specific product that you purchase to se if it claims to kill bacteria.

Alternatives You May Want To Try

I mentioned the odor-capturing bags of activated carbon earlier. However, there are also odor-capturing gel canisters that some people may prefer. They rely on different chemicals to capture the odors in your car or wherever else you want to put them. All you do is open the canister and leave it in your back seat or the back of your car, and it will absorb nasty odor particles that come into contact with it.

Another option is to get an odor-destroying cleaning spray and spray it directly onto your floors and seats, then use a scrub brush to scrub it into them.

For Huge Odor Problems Only

The solution that I recommend to everyone who has really big, intractable odor problems is to use an ozone generator.

Ozone is a natural molecule that reacts with odor-causing particles and destroys them. An ozone generator is able to use electricity to produce ozone straight out of the air around it.

What you can do is put an ozone generator into your vehicle with an extension cord to power it. Turn it on full blast and close the car doors. Run the extension cord through a small crack in the window. If possible, use duct tape to seal the rest of the window crack, to make sure the ozone doesn’t escape the vehicle as the generator is working.

As the ozone generator works, every crevice of your vehicle will become filled with odor-destroying ozone particles. After a few hours, open your car and turn off the generator. Allow your car to air out, as breathing too much ozone is bad for humans. Your car should be smelling fresh.

An ozone generator is considered by many people to be the very best way of eliminating strong odors in enclosed spaces, such as the smell of smoke in a car or living room. When you own an ozone generator, you can use it in any enclosed space that you want in order to eliminate all your heavy duty odor problems.