What Air Fresheners Make The Best Gifts?

I’m going to show you all the best air freshener gift ideas that are both thoughtful and affordable. The best part about giving an air freshener as a gift is that the scent can last for months – and every time the recipient uses it, they’ll be reminded of you.

They’ll also associate the pleasant smell with their memory of you. How wonderful. Now let’s take a look at the best air freshener gift ideas.

Gift Idea #1: Potpourri Bags

Nothing says “I know how to decorate my home” better than a potpourri bag sitting on the dinner table when guests come over.

They smell great for up the months at a time, and continue to make a beautiful decoration even after the scent has faded.

Let’s take a look at some of the prettiest, best-smelling potpourri bags that are available to choose from. They come in several different brands which I’ve gathered here:

Gift Idea #2: Scented Candles

While not technically an air freshener per se, scented candles still smell lovely and can look cute as well.

I’ve found two scented candle brands below that come with multi-candle value packs that make for great gifts. Check them out here:

  • Small-sized Scented Candles – Comes in 8-pack of small sized candles, all with different scents – Click here to view.
  • Medium-sized Scented Candles – Comes in 8-pack of medium sized candles, all with different scents – Click here to view.
  • Medium-sized And Small-sized Assortments – Available in 3 different collections of small and medium candle sizes with different decorations – Click here to view.

Gift Idea #3: Reed Diffusers

If you’ve never heard of a reed diffuser, don’t worry: you’re not alone. They aren’t as common as the options listed above.

However, them being uncommon means that your gift recipient will think you are even more unique and thoughtful for getting them one! Isn’t that nice?

A reed diffuser works by having decorative wooden reeds sit in a vase. The vast is filled with scented oil, which slowly soaks into the reeds. The scented oil then evaporates out of the reeds, giving off a mild aroma.

Reed diffusers are usually intended as a table decoration on a dining table, but they might look alright on a coffee table as well. You probably won’t be putting them anywhere else.

If your reed diffuser runs out of scented oil, you can refill it by adding your own scented oil. So, I’ve also listed a nice pack of essential oils as well.

Check out my favorite brand of reed diffuser here:

  • Cocod’or Reed Diffusers – Available in 8 different scents and 5 different designs – Click here to view.
  • Essential Oils 6-scent Value Pack – Comes with 6 different scents – Click here to view.

Gift Idea #4: Electric Scented Oil Diffuser

An essential oil diffuser is very simple. You pour some scented oil into it, plug it in, turn on a few settings, and then it starts evaporating the scented oil into the air and freshening up your room.

These appliances can make great gifts because they are affordable and will last a long time as well. Every time your gift recipient turns it on, they’ll think of you.

Check out my favorite scented oil diffuser design here:

  • Scented Oil Diffuser With Super Modern Design– Comes with 10 different scented oils – Click here to view.

Gift Idea #5: Scented Spray Bottles

Want to keep your gift idea simple and super cheap? Then just get a scented spray bottle or three for your gift recipient.

These spray bottles can be used anywhere to add an instant aroma of your choice. They are perfect for freshening up a room right before company comes over.

Check out these two gift ideas that I liked the most:

  • Flower Power 3-scent Value Pack – Comes with 3 different scented fragrance bottles – Click here to view.
  • Large Individual Fragrance Bottles – Intended for use in a car but can be used anywhere – Available in 6 different scents – Click here to view.

Gift Idea #6: Cute Hanging Air Fresheners

Hanging air fresheners are super popular for use in a car. Most people are familiar with the little hanging trees which are made by a brand called Little Trees.

But did you know that you can also find decorative hanging air fresheners that look much cuter, or even have funny messages on them? Your gift recipient will think of you any time they get in their car and see one of these cute little things hanging from their mirror.

One thing to keep in mind is that the scent of these air fresheners fades fast – it’s just unavoidable that these air fresheners don’t last long. However, a super awesome trick to use is that you can get your own scented oil and pour it on them to re-scent them.

You may want to get a few bottles of scented oil for your gift recipient along with a cute hanging air freshener, and tell them that they can scent it themselves when the original scent fades.

I’ve listed the best hanging air freshener options here:

  • Wit Gifts Hanging Air Fresheners – Available in 13 different cute animal designs with funny messages on them – Click here to view.
  • Karma Gifts Hanging Air Fresheners – Available in 15 pretty designs with various slogans on them – Click here to view.
  • Essential Oils 6-scent Value Pack – Comes with 6 different scents – Use these oils on your hanging air freshener to refresh the scent – Click here to view.

Gift Idea #7: Toilet Spray Air Freshener (Good For A Joke Gift)

If you want to give a funny gift that will get a laugh, but still is relatively useful, then consider getting a scented toilet spray air freshener.

The toilet spray works by trapping odors in the toilet. You spray it into the toilet right before you do your business, and it prevents odors from ever escaping and filling up the room.

Most people don’t use this as a joke gift, they just use it to keep their bathroom smelling nice. But if you’re comfortable making poop jokes around the person you’re giving a gift to, then give them this gift and tell them that they need to work on cleaning up their bad odors. I’m sure you can get a laugh with it.

See it here: