The Best Aerosol Air Fresheners For Your Car

Do you want a scented spray that adds flavor to your car, or just a lightly scented spray that mostly neutralizes bad odor-causing molecules? We have recommendations for both types.

Strong & Exotic Air Freshener Scents, For Adding A New Smell To Your Car

  • Apple Cinnamon – Sounds like a great ride to me. Sign me up for putting this in my car.
  • Pure Vanilla – Perhaps the most classic and timeless of all scents.
  • Vanilla & Lavender – A scent that the ladies adore. I use this when I want a girl to think soft and fuzzy thoughts about me.
  • Hawaiian Breeze – Smells like a breeze. In Hawaii. Every time you sit down to drive, you’ll be thinking about your next vacation to the beach.
  • Citrus Magic – For the fruit lovers.
  • Red Honeysuckle – Another fruit-themed scent. Ladies say that their men really like this fragrance.

Light & Neutral Air Freshener Scents, For Abolishing Odor Without As Much Fanfare

  • Fresh Flowers – Eliminates odor-causing germs while only leaving a light, flower-smelling scent that fades fast. Ideal for someone who doesn’t want a strong scent lingering in their car all day.
  • Fresh Breeze – ideal for killing germs. Comes with a light scent.
  • Clean Linen – A more neutral, laundry-type smell. For people who don’t want their car to smell like a fruit basket.
  • Crisp Waters – It claims to be the smell of fresh water. But what the heck does fresh water even smell like? Does water have a smell at all? You’ll have to experiment to find out for yourself, because it’s pretty impossible for me to accurately describe the smell of an odorless substance like water. Somehow, the people at Glade managed to do it though.
  • Blue Odyssey – Another ocean-themed scent. A lot of people like it.

About Aerosol Air Freshener Sprays

An aerosol air freshener is a great choice for getting those icky smells out of your car.

The most common car smell that people want to get rid of is the smell of cigarettes. Everyone who smokes has heard it before: They smell gross.

And they smell especially gross to non-smokers who are sitting in your car for an hour drive, all cooped up in a small confined space with the disgusting smell of an ash tray emanating from the walls of the car around them.

But what if you don’t smoke? There’s still plenty of reason to want an air freshener for your car. Maybe you let your dog travel in the car with you, but he leaves behind his wet dog smell. My mother does that all the time with her dog.

Or maybe you just have a bad smelling car for… some other reason? I guess cars can get kind of stuffy sometimes, so an air freshener with a nice scent could pleasantly mix things up.

Advantages Of Aerosol Spray Versus Mounted Air Freshener

You’ve probably seen the mounted air fresheners that attach to the air condition vents in your car. Maybe you’re wondering which type of air freshener is better, mounted or spray?

Let’s take a look at the differences between the two:

  • Mounted air fresheners always give off their scent whether you really need it or not, which eventually causes the scented chemicals to run out faster. Whereas an aerosol spray is only applied when you want it to.
  • Mounted air fresheners sometimes have an adjustment knob to allow you to increase the strength of the smell. However, it may still not be strong enough to overcome the smells that have accumulated in your car. With spray bottles, however, you can spray as much as you want at any given time. If your car reeks of smoke or animals or Indian takeout food, you can spray a bunch of aerosol to cover up the smell as good as possible.
  • Most aerosol air fresheners can be sprayed dozens, or hundreds of times before they run out (if you just spray a little bit). A mounted air freshener will generally run out after a set period of time. This means that if you only want to freshen your car up before you take your family to church on Sunday, for example, a single aerosol can could last you all year.
  • Some people get headaches from too much air freshener smell. With an aerosol bottle, you can spray just a tiny bit of it into your car for a minimal effect.
  • Some aerosol sprays contain chemicals that actually neutralize odor-causing molecules in your car. A mounted air freshener isn’t going to do this as effectively, or at all.

What’s your favorite scent of air fresheners sprays? Let us know in the comments below.