5 Ways To Make Your Own Air Freshener

There are several great ways to make your own air freshener to add a new aroma to your house or even your car. I’ve assembled my favorite do-it-yourself air freshener ideas in the list below. Some of these ideas will make great crafts for kids to enjoy, whereas others are more simple and can be … Read more

Cool Handmade Air Fresheners You Can Buy Or Make Yourself

There’s a wonderful marketplace called Etsy.com that is perfect for buying handmade crafts that other people have created, including handmade air fresheners. These air fresheners are made by melting down plastic aroma beads that have absorbed scented oil. The melted plastic is held in a metal cookie cutter while it melts in the oven. Then, … Read more

Air Freshener Craft Projects

Looking for arts & crafts ideas for your kids to have fun with? We have a list of 9 air freshener craft projects for you to choose from. Most of them are super easy and can be done in minutes, whereas a few of them will take more work. Let’s take a look. 1. Air … Read more

How To Make An Air Freshener With Boiling Water

Did you know that you can create an instant air freshener out of natural ingredients that are already in your kitchen? The best time to use the boiling water air freshener method, also called a stove top potpourri, is when having guests over that are going to be in and around your kitchen and dining … Read more