7 Illuminated Air Fresheners That Look Awesome

An air freshener doesn’t just have to add a new fragrance to your home. If you get an illuminated one, it can also add a light show as well!

I found a ton of great illuminated air fresheners. Some of them are more basic, but others will blow your mind.

Let’s take a look at the coolest options that are available:

Option #1 – A Basic Light-up Scented Oil Diffuser

Option #1 is an essential oil diffuser that will produce an aroma of your choice, based on the scented oil that you put into it.

The light has 7 different color settings, as you can see in the image above. The device is also available in 3 different colors for the bottom wood-like panel: brown wood (pictured above), dark wood, and white wood.

Option #2 – A Scented Oil Diffuser With A Unique “Galaxy” Light Design

This “galaxy-style” light may impress your guests so much that they might not even notice the aroma after all. It comes with adjustable light settings that let you change the color of the “galaxy” inside.

Like other oil diffusers, you can use any scent you want with this device. Just use an essential oil of your choice.

Option #3 – A Scented Oil Diffuser With Light-up Himalayan Salt

You may remember those Himalayan salt rock lamps that were all the rage a few years ago.

This diffuser takes Himalayan salt to the next level by using it as a light-up decoration for an essential oil diffuser. Like most other light-up scented oil diffusers, it comes with adjustable light settings to let you change the color.

Just add a scented oil of your choice to produce any aroma you want.

Option #4 – A Metal Scented Oil Diffuser With Beautiful Artwork

This one takes things to a new level by getting rid of cheap plastic exteriors and using a very classy metal design instead.

The metal diffuser is available in four different decorative designs. Click the link above and head over to Amazon to see them all.

The diffuser also comes with several different colored lighting options.

Option #5 – A Scented Oil Diffuser For Your Car

We’re mixing it up a bit with this one. Unlike options #1 through #4, this option is intended for usage in your car.

It comes with a USB port to power your devices while it is occupying the car cigarette lighter for power. It also comes with multiple lighting options.

Option #6 – A Light Show For Your Toilet Bowl?!

So this is a bit crazy. We’ve probably all seen toilet cleaners that stick to the inside of the toilet bowl. But this option does way more than that.

It comes with a motion-activated light that fits inside the toilet bowl, so you can enjoy a light show while you do your business in the middle of the night. The light device also has a cartridge that holds a small air freshener.

Okay… I have to warn you, most of the reviews of this device say that the air freshener doesn’t work very well. Some of them also call into question the capability of the light’s motion sensor function as well.

If you’re interested in getting a light for your toilet, I recommend getting this other brand which has fantastic reviews. The only downside is that there’s no air freshener built into that device.

But that’s okay, because I already have a whole list of recommendations of air fresheners that work great in a bathroom for you to choose from. Check out that article to see all of my recommended bathroom air fresheners.

Option #7 – Decorative Scented Wax Warmers

A scented wax warmer produces an aroma by slowly heating up and melting scented wax. You just place the wax into the wax holder, turn the device on, and it will warm up the wax and produce the fragrance you have chosen.

This particular scented wax warmer brand comes with a whopping 44 different unique designs to choose from. Click the link above to see their page where every design is pictured.

Also, in order to use a wax warmer, you’ll need some scented wax as well.