Get Your Air Freshener Christmas Trees Here!

Are you looking for an adorable little Christmas tree-shaped air freshener? Then look no further, because we have the only ones available listed below.

Tree-Shaped Air Fresheners

The best tree-shaped air freshener is the Little Trees brand of air freshener.

If you want a “Christmas-time” smell, then I recommend getting their Royal Pine scent. You can also view all their other available scents on the same page that the link below will take you to:

The only other Christmas-themed hanging air fresheners I could find were scented hanging cards that feature a picture of a Christmas tree on them. Check them out here:

Why Are There So Few Options?

The strange thing about tree-shaped air fresheners is that you would expect there to be, well, more of them.

It turns out that the reason you can only find one brand of the tree-shaped air fresheners, the Little Trees brand, is because the company that produces the Little Trees brand owns a trademark in the United States that literally covers tree shaped air fresheners.

That means that other companies in the USA are legally prevented from producing pretty much any tree-shaped air fresheners. In fact, there is a whole history of lawsuits by the producers of Little Trees against pretty much anyone and everyone who has ever tried to produce a tree-shaped air freshener.

The only real option would be to order a competing product from outside the USA. But let’s be realistic: do you really want to pay for international shipping charges on a tiny little Christmas tree air freshener? I didn’t think so.

The Smell Of Christmas – Other Air Freshener Options

Do you just want a nice Christmas-themed smell, instead of an actual tree-shaped air freshener? If so, then you have several more options.

Let’s take a look at all the Christmas-themed air fresheners that we could find: