About The Author

Curtis Johnston - Author of SmarterShopper.club
Curtis with his lovely wife.

Hi, my name is Curtis.

I created the Smarter Shopper Club to provide an educational resource for internet shoppers.

While the internet is usually great for finding basic product information, it can sometimes be confusing and misleading.

And at other times, you just can’t find the information that you need at all.

The Smarter Shopper Club is my way of simplifying the confusing world of product research on your behalf.

I write and publish articles that bring much-needed clarity to questions that are not being answered by other websites, such as “can you use air fresheners on a dog?”

(Some people are really searching for that! The answer is no. But I do explain how to make your dog smell good in that article.)

I research all of my articles ahead of time instead of just “stuffing words” onto the page. When you spend just a few minutes reading one of my articles, you are usually receiving information that took me quite a while to find and summarize by scouring the internet for those answers.

By researching and publishing these articles, I hope to provide you with a solid recommendation about which products make the best purchases if you’re interested in the topic at hand.

This will help you become a Smarter Shopper and join the Smarter Shopper Club!